Evernote is a note taking software/app/service that is accessible various ways. It is a little bit difficult to describe. Evernote’s Tagline explains it the best “Remember Everything” and I think that fits well.

It uses Cloud technology to save your notes, allowing you to have your notes sync between devices, computers and even accessible on there website.

Evernote can be used on your computer, phone, tablet or the web. It works on PC and Mac as well as on iOS and Android devices. I have even installed it on several computers at work and home.

First, to use Evernote, you need to sign up on there website here. Once you have made an account you can begin using it.

You understand the full power of Evernote service when you install the software or download the app. I have this windows program installed on work PC’s I frequent, my laptop, my home PC, on my tablet and phone. So now when I take a note on any device, it will sync to all other devices as long as I log into my account on each device I want to use. Or if you need to quickly access a note on a computer that you do not use, you can access it thorough Evernotes website.

Evernote also has browser addons that allows users to clip websites, images and other notes quickly from a browser.

Some apps like Penultimate also support the feature to clip to Evernote. (I will talk about note taking apps for tablets and phones in a future post.)

The following videos are some examples of how people are using Evernote:

How is it useful to a Student or Teacher?

Using Evernote Web Clipper

How is it useful at Work?

They have other products as well available on there site the work to enhance Evernote like ClearlySkitch and Evernote Peek.

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Trainer and Instructor who was a former student of NVCC (Northern Virginia Community College), currently a staff member of the OCC (Open Computer Center), part of LTR (Learning Technology Resources) division at the Alexandria campus.

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