Welcome to the Open Computer Center

State of the art technology resources are available for faculty and student use. Core computer competencies in all curricula necessitate that students demonstrate the effective use of technologies in their classroom assignments. Unfortunately, given the diversity of students enrolled at NOVA, they may not have the entering requisite skills needed to succeed in completing these assignments. You must be currently enrolled at NOVA in order to utilize the OCC.

First and foremost, students must have basic computer usage skills. Additionally, faculty require that students are able to utilize email in submitting assignments and are able to do basic Internet research. Since faculty cannot expend significant amounts of class time teaching these skills, training must occur elsewhere.

The Open Computer Center proudly provides this training to all students in various subjects ranging from Introduction to Microcomputers, Tips and Tricks for Research on the Net, Email, File Management and Introduction to MS Word. Since we noticed that students needs and basic computer skills level vary from student to student, we are now offering training on individual bases.

Some of the services offered by the OCC

Training for students on software and computer usage
The OCC offers training for students on individual bases. We offer training from using PowerPoint create slides for presentations to file management and effective use of resources on the web. Students are required to make an appointment prior to needing assistance.

Assistance with LAN IDs and NVCC-Gmail Account 
Having trouble logging in? Or maybe you can’t figure out how to access your student e-mail account? Or for that matter, maybe you didn’t know that you had an account at all? We’re here to help!

Assistance with Homework Assignments (of All Levels)
The expert staff at the OCC is available to help you complete your coursework, as easy or complex as it may be. Feel free to take advantage of the well-qualified staff present in the labs.

All of the Latest, Cutting-Edge Software Packages
Where else can you go to gain access to all of the latest and greatest software…and not have to pay a cent? And here by popular demand, AutoCAD is now available in the lab.

Scanners and Printers
You’ve spent all that time perfecting your designs/assignments and you’re ready to print? The OCC has several high-res printers, and is soon to have color printing as well. We also have several flatbed scanners for free use.

Open Early, Open Late
Fitting lab time into your busy schedule can be a challenge. The OCC tries to accommodate all students and their very different schedules with a wide range of hours. Check our site for our current hours.

Registration and Admissions Assistance
Want some quick help with registering for classes, or even enrolling at NOVA? Come to the OCC and ask one of the staff members to walk you through the online process.

Telephone Support
Stuck at home with a computer problem? Give us a call for support over the phone. We can walk you through many of the common computer problems step-by-step. We can be reached at 703-845-6041.

Group Study Lab
Got a group project to do? Bring your whole group to the “Group Study Lab” and work on your project or use our Mediascape table in room AA426

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