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Welcome to Fall Semester

Due to the new college rule of on-time registration, Open Computer Labs has been open during the semester break assisting students with registration and enrollment. We have also been directing students to the correct offices as needed. We also assist with any online payment issues and parking permit purchases.

This semester also introduces a new printer system. Open Computer Labs has two printers available in room 155 and 156, as well as on the fourth floor by the vending machines.  Lab Instructors have been trained to assist students with any issues. I will post a more detailed post on how to use the new system in the future.


Welcome to the Open Computer Center (OCC) blog. OCC’s new blog home under the schools blog system. Our older blog was hosted by Blogger and then later by site. OCC is part of Learning and Technology Resources at the Alexandria Campus of Northern Virginia Community College.

This blog will be used to cover various topics that can help students, faculty and staff learn more about the Computer Labs as well as learn more about other computer related topics.