Open Computer Center (OCC)

The Open Computer Center is in charge of the following rooms at Northern Virginia Community College Alexandria campus:

In the AA Donald L. Bisdorf Building rooms 155, 156, 159, 160, 414, 415, 416, 426, 428, 444, 446, 447. In AE Engineering Building rooms 204 and 206. In AT Tyler Building room 133.

Open Lab AA155

This is our main open lab for students. There are no scheduled classes in this room. There is one or two staff members or work study students who are available to assist students with school work or computer related questions.

Classrooms AA156 and AA159

Room AA156, AA159 and AA160 are all classrooms. AA156 has some open hours between classes (schedule varies and is printed on the door). The staff member present in room AA155 also helps with classroom support in AA156 and AA159.

World Languages Center (WLC)

Room AA160 is the World Languages Center and functions as a classroom and open lab for students learning new languages. There is a staff member there to help students with the language software and information during open hours. The WLC has many programs and activities for language students to get together and practice. Please visit the lab during the open hours.

Classrooms Business Technology Center (BTC)

Rooms AA414, AA415, AA416, AA426, AA428, AA444, AA446, AA447 are Business Technology Center labs that are run and maintained by the OCC. The consist of classrooms with AA428 and AA444 used as open labs when classes are not scheduled.

Group Study Room AA426

Time slots can be reserved for an hour a day by visiting AA426 and talking to the staff member present or by emailing occalexandria@gmail.com

Writing and Reading Labs AA334 and AA334A

Classes are scheduled daily in the labs with courses in the English, Developmental Studies and English as a Second Language. For assistance or for scheduling information, contact Open Computer Center at (703) 845-6041.

Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) Labs AE204 and AE206

Rooms AE204 and AE206 are primarily classes for Computer Aided Drafting and other engineering and design classes. Room AE206 is used as open lab between classes. There is a staff member available part of the day to help with classroom support and open lab.

Piano Lab AT133

Piano Lab is a classroom with computers and pianos. It is located on first floor of the Tyler Building Room AT133. It has some open lab hours for students to work. There is a staff member during open lab hours to assist students.

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