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Future of Online Education is Free

This year I am going to test some online education resources to see which ones are better, while also learning something new.

The first of these free online services that I am going to work with is Codecademy. It is a free educational platform that focuses on teaching users programming. It is a community based website that teaches programing in an entertaining, almost game-like way. There are several programs designed that teach everything from Java Script, CSS, HTML and other programing languages. The exercises are simple and easy to follow.


The next one I am working on is a free only course that is provided by Stanford University on their Class2Go system. This is designed more like an online college course and is free for anyone to use. The free classes vary with the newest one being “Introduction to Databases”.


The last free online class service I am trying is edX. This one is interesting as it is supported by many schools but was first started by MIT and Harvard. Like Stanfords system the courses are University level, but because many schools are involved with edX, they offer many classes. The class I am most interested in is the Artificial Intelligence class offered by Berkley.