Study Break at the Library!

Next week is going to be crazy busy for you, right? The library staff knows that you’ll be studying, writing and cramming for the end of the semester.

We also know that you’ll need to stop and take a break!! Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we’ll have events, in the library, for you to enjoy!


Do you want to get Henna tattoos?

Do you like to craft and are looking to get creative??

Do you want to snuggle a pup?!?!! I mean who doesn’t like pups?

Stop by the library to study and relax.

National Library Week

April 10th to April 16th is National Library Week!

Show your local public, special and academic libraries some love!!

One of our resident arts and crafts experts, Supie W., has put together a display for the theme of “Libraries Transform!”


There are so many ways that libraries can support you. From technology to fun events, the occasional snack 🙂 and of course research help!


Our book tree has been outfitted with famous authors whose work you can find on our shelves. Who is your favorite author? Stop in and see if they are on the tree!

Take A Walk!

Today is National Walking Day! We have a great display, in the library, with titles that may interest you:

RA781.65 .I39 2005 Therese Iknoian 1957- c2005
GV502 .M26 2013 Robert E. Manning 1946- Martha S Manning c2013

We took a few pictures from our walk around the Annandale Campus! :


This is an older picture, but it illustrates what wonderful images you can capture when go for a walk!


Happy Trails!!