Welcome Back!

Fall semester started last Monday and so by now I’m sure you are not feeling overwhelmed at all by your new school, classes, professor, assignments etc., right?

In case you are overwhelmed, come to the library! We are a peaceful place of solace, for those who want to study, and a hub of technology, for those who want cool gadgets!

Our hours are Monday-Thursday:¬†8am to 8pm; Friday 10am to 2pm and Closed Saturday and Sunday. Don’t miss out! This guy will be there:

Mess on desk

Gifs and Old School Vids

We love apps at NOVA Annandale Library. We especially love apps that allow you to make gifs and old school looking videos.

Gifs are the best way to let somebody know you care. They can express your emotions without even having to say a word. Can you tell how we feel about our laptop kiosk? Check out this Giphy Cam article on Engadget.


Do you miss the days before HD video? I know I sure do and this app lets me run wild with poor video and audio quality. Here’s a VHS Cam article on Tech Crunch. Here’s a link to our instagram video post (embed code wouldn’t work. boo!):

NOVA Annandale Library Instagram