CETL Faculty Focus Series: NOVA and the World 2014-15


CETL and the Global Studies Committee combined their forces to present a particularly strong Faculty Focus Workshop Series during 2014-2015.

The underlying objectives are:
1) to insert appropriate global issues into the course curriculum of any discipline and
2) to focus on appropriate classroom teaching techniques that help incorporate examples of such global linkages.

The First Workshop in the Series, We Are the World,  is on Friday, September 12, 2014 from 11am to 2 pm at the Kings Park Library (part of the Fairfax County Public Library System) .    Scroll down to see the details on the other four events in this Faculty Focus Series:  The World Comes to Us, We are Out in the World, Our Changing World and Respecting World Perspectives.    Click on any of the images to register. 

1st workshop informatoin

Don’t miss any this speaker on September 12th or any of these sessions that follow:  

You will want to attend every single session of this series.  They are all amazing and relevant to your teaching practice.


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What students want; what we value — a perspective.

By Gillian Backus, CETL Faculty Associate, Associate Professor of Biology, Loudoun.


“Students crave emotional mentorship from their teachers that their parents can’t give them. There’s nothing wrong with that. “

As a dedicated educator, I know that we are undervalued for the tremendous services we offer. I know that our profession is often sneered upon, while we continue to insist that we do one of the most important jobs for any person – educate them.

This article, from Slate.com, is a heartwarming reminder of the truly important role we educators play in our students’ lives. At the center of it, it’s not about “covering the material”, “getting through the book” or how well your students score on some state or federally administered multiple choice test, but how well they fare in Life. Read More »

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Convocation 2014: You can see it now!

Building Structures for Student Success!

Did you miss this amazing morning for the beginning of Fall 2014!  Find the recording this way:

  • Sign into your Blackboard.
  • Find the box on the front page:  Video On- Demand – Faculty
  • Click on Faculty and Staff Video Resources
  • Under C, click on convocations
  • Click on Convocation 2014
    • the vido will download as an .asx file.  Click on the download and enjoy.

(I have best luck using the Play with Captions Option using a Chrome browser on my NOVA PC)

To see the CETL 10-point  summary of Dr. Norden’s keynote:  http://blogs.nvcc.edu/cetl/2014/08/18/cetl-reports-jeanette-nordens-keynote-creating-a-safe-natural-critical-learning-environment/

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image002CETL wishes every single person in the NOVA community a happy first day of the Fall 2014 semester.   Here’s some articles that might interest you –

From the Chronicle and a very young professor — tips to get the first day started!  My favorite quote from the article:  “Don’t be afraid to be yourself”.    http://chronicle.com/article/article-content/136221/

Another article from the Chronicle — Each semester gives us a time for renewal — an important concept:  http://chronicle.com/article/Day-1-of-the-Semester/133167/

And from Faculty Focus — a collection of articles for the First Day!  You’ll find good stuff here! http://www.facultyfocus.com/tag/first-day-of-class/

This one, from Carnegie Mellon,  is traditional and focuses on a lot of information — maybe think about this for the first week!  Read it, though — you’ll take away some tips:  http://www.cmu.edu/teaching/designteach/teach/firstday.html

And how about some ice breaker activities for your students, from Lancing Community College:  http://www.lcc.edu/cte/resources/teachingettes/icebreakers.aspx

Don’t forget to call on CETL if you need anything at all!  CETL@nvcc.edu.


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CETL Reports: Jeanette Norden’s Keynote: Creating a Safe, Natural Critical Learning Environment.

At  NOVA’s convocation today, Dr. Norden let us in on the following  10 secrets to control the only thing you can control for your students — their classroom environment.

1)  Love your subject and project that attitude every single day

2)  Invite your students into learning through the “Wow” attitude.   Make sure they know it will be a wonderful journey.   Read More »

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NISOD Program: The Ones That Got Away: Identifying Comprehensive Success Measures for Workforce Programs

This is free for you;  NOVA and CETL are members of NISOD NISODThe Ones that Got Away:  Identifying Comprehensive Success Measures for Workforce Programs.

Kathy Booth, Senior Research Associate, WestEd

Thursday, August 28
Eastern: 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.

For details and to reserve your seat, click here.    Read More »

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CETL Program: Welcome our New Faculty

The NOVA New Faculty Class of 2014-2015 begin their Faculty First Year Experience on August 14th. NOVA is very glad they are here! The Class of 2014-2015 has a great program ahead of them during the 2014-15 Academic Year. This includes the inaugural CTI — CETL’s Teaching Institute! All faculty are invited to join this part of their first year experience. Click here for more information.

Welcome our new faculty!

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CETL Program: The Inaugural Teaching Institute

Join the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning


The New Faculty Class of 2014-15


The Inaugural CETL Teaching Institute

We know how much you value your teaching practice and how much you want the very best for your students. The CETL Teaching Institute (CTI) is designed to provide you with an opportunity to systematically look at your teaching practice, expand your pedagogical content knowledge, develop your course with an insight to NOVA students, become interconnected with your colleagues and increase your satisfaction. We’ll use your syllabus as a vehicle to look at all the practices that come together to form your course. At the end of the CTI you’ll have developed a new syllabus and you’ll be ready to implement the innovations you’ve developed Read More »

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CETL EVENTS: Join us for a 2014 Faculty Learning Communities

A Faculty Learning Community (FLC) is a group of faculty who come together around a particular topic that interests them.    The only requirement is attendance!    Each community meets on its own schedule (usually every other week) and discusses, researches and finds a way to share the information learned.     The topics are general and there’s no ‘right answer’….  the details will emerge from the community conversation.  Participation in FLCs may apply to your professional development requirement for your APPDo.

See if these topics interest you!
Join with one another to be more thoughtful about your chosen career.

Fill out the 2014 Fall Faculty Learning Communities Interest Survey.
We’ll contact you during the week of September 8th.

What the Best College Teachers Do.    We’ll follow the work of Ken Bain in his book, What the Best College Teachers Do and figure out ways to add to our teaching tool kits.  (You’ll need to supply the book if you don’t already have a copy)

Emerging  Higher Education Pedagogies.   This community  may choose to focus on emerging pedagogies — connectivism, social learning, networked learning,  flipped classrooms, MOOCs, personal learning networks (a favorite of mine), Rhizomatic Learning  and others.

Emerging Issues in Higher Education  --This  community may want to look beyond teaching practices to the globalization of education, public and private colleges and universities. accessibility, completion, costs and persistent gaps among diverse population

Faculty as Institutional Leaders — How do faculty members lead in a context of rapid change, without giving up the classroom?  What might this look like?  Faculty are the life blood of the institution, but how can they also lead it?

STEAM — A continuing community.   This community has been meeting for a year and is interested in teaching at the intersection of science and arts.

If none of these interest you, suggest a topic that does.   You’ll find a link on the CETL Web Page that lets you suggest a topic.  CETL is very happy to sponsor any FLC that pertains to your faculty development.




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Congratulations to VCCS Colleges– New River, Dabney S. Lancaster, and Virginia Western

Congrats to these finalists: New River, Dabney S. Lancaster and Virginia Western.

We wish them all well! The prize is a million Dollars!  :).

This is from Aspen’s Institute’s web site:

The Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence has announced its list of the 150 contenders for the $1 million prize. The eligible institutions hail from 37 states, and have all demonstrated strong outcomes in three areas of student success:

  • rate of students’ persistence, completion, and transfer;
  • consistent improvement in outcomes over time; and
  • equity in outcomes for students of all racial/ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Ten finalists will be broadly publicized in fall 2014, and the winner will be announced in early 2015. Read below to see the list of the 150 schools who are being considered for the prize. For more information on these institutions, download the 2015 round one data here. A detailed technical description of how round one eligibility was determined can be found here.

- See more at: http://www.aspeninstitute.org/about/blog/aspen-prize-for-community-college-excellence-aspen150#sthash.JPauRVDz.dpuf

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