PUP featured on the Intercom!

Read about PUP on the Intercom!   It was an amazing conference!

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PUP 2015 was a great success! Access and Discuss the talks!

PUP 2015 was amazing!  With thanks to Drs. Schiavelli, Mucci, and especially Templin for our keynote talks. Wonderful.  Dr. José Bowen prompted much thought in the CE Theater and in his workshop.   There was so much interest.    Don’t let it end there!   Comment on the  “Teaching Naked” talk, please comment on this article.   It can be an amazing discussion.   What was you favorite idea, tip, etc, from the plenary talk?

Didn’t see the talks?  Is OK — not too late:

To see the first day talks, including Dr. Templin’s address and the faculty acknowledgement of his presidency — Power Up Pedagogy 2015

Dr. Bowen’s talk is available on NOVA’s Blackboard site, where it is password protected:  Log into Blackboard, select Faculty and Staff Video Resources, CETL Videos, PUP 2015 Dr Jose Antonio Bowen.  You will not be sorry!    And remember to discuss by commenting on this blog.

Please celebrate the more than 80 colleagues who presented at PUP.  This is the heart of the conference and the feedback has been excellent.  You can certainly use this blog to comment on your presentation as well.   We are very, very fortunate to have so much talent at NOVA and so many colleagues willing to share!

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PUP is here! Jan 7th & 8th at Annandale

NOVA’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning proudly presents the 10th Annual PUP! This conference is by faculty and for faculty, and proudly showcases the many and impressive talents of NOVA faculty.

As NOVA approaches its 50th anniversary, faculty are reinventing their teaching practices with a focus on current trends in higher education. PUP is THE forum where these changes can be shared in the form of scholarship, tips, reflective practices and in many other ways that bring authentic learning to our students.

Bridges: Connecting Our Past and Our Future is the perfect theme to highlight NOVA’s 50 years of excellence. Other areas of concentration for this year’s PUP Conference include collaboration and social learning in higher education, developing an engaging learning environment, the science of teaching and learning in higher education and student success.

Key Note Speakers:

Dr. José Antonio BowenDr. Robert Templin Jr.Dr. Robert Templin Jr.
President of Northern Virginia Community College

Dr. José Antonio Bowen
Author of Teaching Naked
President of Goucher College


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Faculty Focus November 21st: The World Comes to Us!

The  Global Studies Committee and The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL)
Important Professional Development Events are Registering NOW!

The World Comes to Us
International perspectives as experienced by persons from abroad.

Faculty Focus Series :    NOVA and the World 2014-15
Friday, November 21st.  11 AM to 2 PM
Annandale Campus, CG 218
Register Here.


CETL and the Global Studies Committee  have combined their forces to present a particularly strong Faculty Focus Workshop Series during 2014-2015.  This series will help you insert appropriate global issues into the course curriculum of any discipline and focus on appropriate classroom teaching techniques that help incorporate examples of such global linkages.   The First Workshop in the Series, We Are the World,  was on Friday, September 12, 2014 from 11am to 2 pm.  Read about it here.

The other workshops in the series are  The World Comes to Us, We are Out in the World, Our Changing World and Respecting World Perspectives.


For more information, click:  NOVA and the World 2014-15
For questions, contact: Barbara Crain.
Register here.

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Flipped Classroom! Don’t miss this Friday’s event — NOV 14th.

We Flipped!  Will You?

Interactive strategies for an inverted classroom

Join Manassas Faculty members

Laura Jean Bhadra and Maryellen Ryan
for a Faculty focus series on the Flipped Classroom

Registration:  http://tinyurl.com/CETLflippedclassroom

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Most of us are probably familiar with this famous quote from Benjamin Franklin. But how many of us have actually applied this in the classroom?

In this highly participatory session, we will share tips and strategies for developing an interactive classroom. Using techniques such as the flipped classroom, video lectures, student response devices, group discussion, and publishers’ online based learning systems, we’ll help you  to make learning a truly student led experience.

These engaging meetings will rotate on each campus.  The series kicks off with two fall sessions:

October 24th at the Manassas Campus:   Techniques for Flipping, Part I.

November 14th at the Loudoun Campus:  Techniques for Flipping, Part II.
LC 211

Parts I and II investigate such student response systems as iClicker, Socrative,  Poll Everywhere, look at lecture capture devices such as Tegrity, Panopto and Green Screen, and talk about how to use online learning systems (such as Blackboard) to both solidify your concepts and handle the repetitive tasks of grading, freeing up the professor for developing higher level learning concepts.

We’ll come back after our winter break for

January 23rd at the Woodbridge Campus:  Flipping Your Discipline: Round Table Discussion with Colleagues
Finding meaningful in-class activities for the flipped classroom can be a challenge. In this session, you work with colleagues to come up with ideas.

March 6 at the Annandale Campus:   What’s the Down  Side?  Are there reasons not to flip? 
In this session that addresses objections to the flipped classroom you’ll look at such issues as whether your students really preview the lectures ahead of time? If they can get the material online, will they stop coming to class? Addressing these and other objections to a flipped classroom can reduce concerns about the potential downsides of flipping the classroom.

April 3 at the Alexandria Campus:  Hands-on Developmental Session to Create  Syllabi for Flipped Classroom
Do you want to create a viable syllabus for your course using the flipped classroom methodology? Then come to this highly interactive hands on session and leave with a syllabus and other materials to start flipping out!


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NISOD’s Innovation Abstacts and upcoming webinar


This Week’s Issue

Enhancing Learning Inside and Outside the Classroom

describes how different classroom learning environments can be when students come prepared for class.


Access the article here.Username: nvcc.edu | Password: nisod799



Increase Your Completion Rate Using Stackable Certificates

Failure to complete academic credentials is a nationwide problem. Presenters from two National Science Foundation-funded ATE Centers show how they developed a stackable certificate plan that allows students to gain entry-level skills with as few as 6 to 16 units of IT courses and finish credentials in stages. This model is applicable to other workforce programs, as well. During the webinar, participants learn about a stackable certificate model they can adapt to fit different fields of specialty and career pathways, leave the session with strategies to implement this program on their home campuses, and learn how to develop metrics to measure the success of this initiative.


Ann Beheler, Principal Investigator, National Convergence Technology Center, Collin College; Deborah Boisvert, Executive Director, Broadening Advanced Technological Education Connections (BATEC), University of Massachusetts-Boston


This webinar is free to NISOD members. Sign up here.

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STEAM Faculty Development Opportunity!

STEAM Faculty Development Series — Join us for Part II of a two-part series.  Please join us if you attended Part I or if you didn’t!

November 10 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., CM 315, Annandale Campus
Register by clicking here!

nova_steam logo



November 10 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., CM 315, Annandale Campus
Register by clicking here!

The STEAM Faculty Learning Community from the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) is exploring teaching at the intersection of the STEM disciplines and the art disciplines.

On Saturday, November 1, eleven faculty members representing Loudoun, Woodbridge, Manassas, Annandale, and Alexandra campuses met on the Annandale campus to explore “Art for Science or Science for Art?” . Participants were treated to a fascinating kenote session by Annandale Biology professor Ilya Temkin. Professor Temkin posed questions like “can art be used to illustrate science” or “should art only be considered art if it pushes the boundaries of understanding”? He offered fascinating examples from the rich past of biological illustration from The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and France. Dr. Gillian Backus, Biology professor from Loudoun, shared a number of STEM- to-STEAM websites highlighting similar initiatives at other universities around the country. The workshop concluded with a summary of the success of a pilot course offered here at NOVA called “The Creative Mind: The Intersection of Art and Science” that occurred during the second eight-week session of Fall 2013. Dr. Paul Fitzgerald, Biology professor and Honors Chair at Annandale campus, showed how the course was structured, and showed examples of art generated by enrolled Honors students. The participants enthusiastically endorsed the STEM to STEAM initiative here at NOVA. Join us for the next session:

November 10 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., CM 315, Annandale Campus.
“Your Creative Mind”
This second opportunity, led by a prestigious artist and retired NOVA faculty member Rebecca Kamen, encourages participants to explore their own creative minds. Through art and play, participants will brainstorm a science concept that they will teach through a creative medium. The creativity of art will deepen the understanding of a science concept and improve critical thinking skills.

And there’s more.
You may also want to mentor students who will enroll in an Honors Special Projects 299 course, a 16-week, two-credit course in which students work with two volunteer faculty members in disciplines of their choice. This is an amazing opportunity to broaden your teaching practice while learning an amazing amount about STEAM and interdisciplinary pedagogy.

For questions, please contact Gillian Backus at gbackus@nvcc.edu.  To register go to https://tinyurl.com/STEAMminiseries.


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Adjunct Faculty Grants


Northern Virginia Community College

Do you have ideas for the development of teaching aids or projects, or need funds for the registration and lodging at a professional conference, get some research done or take a course that is applicable to your field of teaching?  NOVA wants to help, so please read on:    
Northern Virginia’s Professional Development Committee   is pleased to announce the availability of professional development grants for adjunct faculty members who teach at least one course at the College during the 2014-2015 academic year.  The maximum grant award is $1,500 (less FICA and federal and state income tax if applicable).    Full-time (P-3) faculty members are not eligible.

The grant shall be awarded for the development of teaching aids, research (including the registration and lodging for professional conferences), taking college courses applicable to your teaching discipline provided that no other funding source is available, or a service project that will benefit the college and/or the campus where the applicant teaches.

Interested  adjunct faculty should submit completed applications  electronically and print, complete and fax a cover page (703) 425-5232 that includes the division dean and the campus provost’s signatures.  You may also bring it to CG 218 on the Annandale Campus.   The signature of the applicant’s dean and provost indicates his/her consent for the project proposal as submitted by the adjunct faculty member.  Applications submitted without approval from the appropriate dean and provost will not be considered.

Applicants may submit more than one proposal; however, only one grant will be awarded to any individual.

The deadline by which the application and the faxed cover page must be received electronically: 5 P.M. (EST),  November 17, 2014.  The selection committee will not consider applications that are received late or proposals that are incomplete or do not have a cover page.   All applications will be acknowledged by email.

T  The grant will be reviewed by members of the Northern Virginia Community College Professional Development Committee.  Criteria used for selection is the same as that used by the Virginia Community College System Paul Lee Grant process.   Those who are selected to receive a grant will be notified by December 15, 2014.   The work funded by the grant is expected to be completed by the end of summer 2015. Exceptions will be made to that date if the work of the grant demands it.

T  Grant Awardees are responsible for the dissemination of grant results.   To facilitate that, all grant awardees will be responsible for submitting a poster indicating the results of the project for the Power Up Your Pedagogy Conference in January of 2016.  If the project is not complete at that time, then the poster should be submitted for the PUP conference in 2017.  A template will be provided and the printing costs of the poster are assumed by the PUP conference.  Your attendance is expected at the conference as long as you are still employed by Northern Virginia Community College.

G  Grant awardees may also wish to provide additional dissemination of grant results that may be required by the awardee’s dean or provost. Additional methods of dissemination of results might include a presentation: at  NOVA’s Power up Your Pedagogy (PUP) conference, at adjunct faculty meetings, a VCCS peer group meeting and/or VCCS New Horizons Conference.

5  A grant award payment will be made when the proposed project is satisfactorily completed as specified in the grant proposal.  A project will be considered satisfactorily completed when the  following conditions are met:
Your dean or immediate supervisor sends an electronic message acknowledging satisfactory completion of the project or service to the Chair of the  Adjunct Grant Sub Committee (Cindy Miller) with a copy to the Professional Development Committee, ProvostSam Hill,andTrace Main, Associate Director Training and Professional DevelopmentatNOVA’s Human Resources.
The poster has been submitted for approval to the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. The awardee will receive approval via email and that email is part of the documentation that must be submitted.
Arrangements have been made for any other required dissemination of results.
Notification of satisfactory completion must be received via email by May 15, 2015.    This date can be extended by special request if the work of the grant demands it.    For questions, contact Cindy Miller. 

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NISOD’s Innovation abstract for this week!



This Week’s Issue
Accelerating Academic Achievement: Paired Courses in Developmental Education
provides a sneak peek at next week’s NISOD webinar.

The article and webinar describe one college’s efforts to help students succeed in developmental math courses.

Access the article here.
The username is nvcc.edu and the password is nisod799.

Past Issues
• The Impact of Gender-Specific Organizations on Community College Campuses
• Supporting At-Risk Students With BYOD Applications
• Connecting Old Knowledge and New Knowledge
• Lesson Delivery: What Every Instructor Can Do Everyday

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Don’t Miss the Fall 2014 Instructional Technology Summit

Posting for your information:
tech summit

Registration is now open for the Fall 2014 Tech Summit on Friday, October 24th from 8:30 a.m. – 4:15 p.m. held at Blue Ridge Community College (BRCC).


  • 4 concurrent sessions
  • 18 different presentations to choose from
  • A balanced blend of facilitated presentations and hands-on sessions
  • Presenters from all three hosting colleges (NOVA, GCC, BRCC)
  • And…a free lunch!


Feel free to register for just the sessions you can attend if you have other obligations; you don’t have to register for the whole day.


Direct link to site: https://sites.google.com/a/email.vccs.edu/fall-2014-tech-summit/

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