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The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) is dedicated to assisting faculty and staff in improving the quality of teaching and learning services. CETL Faculty Advocates inspire, guide and mentor faculty in areas of pedagogy and classroom management.

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This week….. Registration for  Mindfulness Faculty Focus Series continues until Wednesday morning, and  Who’s in the Center!  Scroll down to read all!

 What’s in The Center? 

An Innovative Blog-based Five-Part Series

 This series, sponsored by the CETL Faculty Associates, is blog-based. You don’t even have to leave your Office. Five different articles about learning-centered teaching will be published on the blog. Each will be full of practical suggestions for your teaching practice. Access the series by clicking on the apple or by clicking on the Learning-Centered Teaching button on the top menu.. 


Please, please do feel free to discuss anything you want about this by using the reply feature of the blog.

Mindfulness for  Your Teaching Practice
Faculty Focus Series
April 2, 9, 16, 23 : Noon to 1:15
CETL Center.  Annandale CG 218

A five-week Faculty Focus series for faculty members interested in bringing mindfulness to their teaching.  This group uses journaling, poetry and meditation to bring about a focus shift.  When instructors and students are focused, they concentrate and cope better in the classroom.   The group will also look at how students perceive what an instructor is teaching.  Register at  Mindfulness in Your Teaching Practice.



CETL Teaching Consultations .  These are available any time, but mid-semester is the best time for a CETL Teaching Consultation!  Please take advantage of this terrific opportunity for your teaching practice.

STEAM Faculty Learning Community:  The STEAM  Faculty  Learning Community is inviting old and new members to return and or join  the Community.   The core group that is now facilitating this group has some great plans for the future.  If you are interested in joining in, please contact CETL at cetl@nvcc.edu.

This FLC that meets at CETL on Monday mornings at 9:30 AM  is dedicated to the study and dissemination of information and projects about teaching at the intersection of the STEM disciplines and Art and other creative disciplines.

Please join us!.


And Coming Up… 

New Faculty First Year Experience concludes this month.



Last Week

Pictures from CETL’s event:  Mindfulness for you and Your Teaching:

Pictures from CETL’s Reception for Fulbright Scholars:



The Faculty First Year Experience is Underway!Large Group Photo

The NOVA New Faculty Class of 2013-14 Kicked-off their Faculty First Year Experience on August 13th with a day-long event.   They have completed the first of their 4th Friday meetings.  They have seen Loudoun, been welcomed by Drs. Templin and Leidig, and learned about our students from a terrific Interactive Quiz presented by Dr. Saperstone.


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