Dr. Dali Tan–Chinese Teacher

In the Spring Semester of 2014, I will be teaching the following courses:

Beginning Chinese I  CHI 101-001A (15270)
10:30am to 12:50pm Tu and Th for 16 weeks.  Classes start on Tuesday 1 /14/2014

Business Chinese for Beginners CHI 103 (15458)
4:30 to 5:45pm Mon and Wed for 16 weeks.  Classes start on Monday 1 /13/2014

Intermediate Chinese I  CHI 201-001A (40709)
10:30am to 12:15pm Mon and Wed for 16 weeks.  Classes start on Monday 1 /13/2014

Intermediate Chinese II CHI 202-001A (40710)  
6:00 to 7:40pm Mon and Wed for 16 weeks.  Classes start on 1 /13/2014

ELI (Extended Learning Institute: on-line courses)

Chinese 101-CHI101-E05A (31589)
Chinese 102-CHI102-E05A (15563)
Chinese 201-CHI201-E05A (15501)
Chinese 202-CHI202-E05A (15502)

New Release  (12/30/2013)
NOVA Alexandria Campus Will Offer Business Chinese for Beginners for its 2014 Spring Semester for the First Time
According to 2013 statistics from The US-China Business Council, since 2003, US exports to China have risen by 294%, making China the second-fastest growing market for US exports in the last decade.  In 2012, China was the third-largest US export market, with top US exports including crop production, transportation equipment, computers and electronics and chemicals.  China is now ranking behind only Canada and Mexico—the United States’ immediate neighbors and NAFTA trade partners.  Over the last decade, US exports to China achieved an average annual growth of nearly 17%. China is rapidly becoming a world economic power.  Those who know Chinese will be valuable to business.
Northern Virginia Community College, Alexandria Campus will be offering Business Chinese for Beginners (Textbook: The Startup Business Chinese). This course integrates communicative Chinese and business and commercial terms, provide students novice level (Chinese 103) practical Chinese language studies.  Through instruction on business etiquette and Chinese culture and traditions, the course train and enhance students’cross-cultural communicative competence in business and commercial activities.

Chinese 103: Business Chinese for Beginners。Classes meet Monday and Wednesday 4:30 to 5:45 pm at the Alexandria Campus (the first day of class will be on 1/13/14 ).  The course is suitable for students with no previous Chinese language learning experience.

If this course meets your need, welcome to sign up at http://www.nvcc.edu/current-students/services-to-students/courses–schedules/index.html.  If you have questions about these courses, please feel free to contact Dr. Dali Tan at dtan@nvcc.edu.
Below are brief introductions to the textbooks we will be using.
Chinese 103: Business Chinese for Beginners (Textbook: The Startup Business Chinese)
The Startup Business Chinese, Level 1 textbook comprises 12 units covering basic daily corporate interactions and business-related social exchanges.
Each unit starts with a brief introduction describing the setting and learning objectives for that chapter, then moves on to two situational dialogues, two vocabulary lists, and a sentence pattern and grammar section. All the dialogues, grammar, and vocabulary are designed for beginners, and emphasize business communication: negotiating, socializing, and establishing and maintaining good relationships. Beyond language acquisition, each lesson provides students with extensive cultural points to help navigate cultural differences in business and daily life. Level 1 covers over 600 vocabulary words.
The textbook includes one WMA audio CD containing over 290 minutes of listening material. The recordings feature native Chinese speakers reciting dialogues, vocabulary words, and example sentences from the textbook.

We will offer Chinese 104 in the fall of 2014 so students can complete The Startup Business Chinese, Level 1 curriculum.


For more information please contact Dr. Dali Tan | Assistant Professor of Chinese – China Coordinator | dtan@nvcc.edu  (703) 933-5078