iPad shoot is “in the can”






Film student Aaron Kimmel took this overhead photo of some of the action of our iPad shoot on Monday.  Notice the action in the middle surrounded by the students and lights in the background.

We will post more about this event in the coming days.  Everyone should be getting online and enrolling for film classes for this coming fall semester.

Video I Students Imitate the Matrix

Students from PHT 130 (Video I) will be using 90 iPads to recreate the famous freeze frame special effect when movement is “frozen” and the eye of the camera revolves completely around it.

Students from many different classes will be aiding the film students in completing this tricky maneuver.

We will have more visuals at the completion of the video but if anyone is interested in participating, please come to the Black Box Theater in the WAS building this coming Monday, April 20th, at 10:30am and stay and help out for thirty minutes until 11:00.

Students Enter Video Industry

It is always rewarding when our film/video students are able to find work in the industry, either on a volunteer/intern basis or in a paying “gig,” whether it is freelance production work or more steady employment.

One of our students (Paige Fischer) worked as an intern at 522 Productions in Alexandria, Virginia last fall (2014) semester and did such a wonderful job she was hired onto their team.

In fact, I happened upon a video on their Website where she appears in their “Approach” video for the company’s site.  See her in the background of the screen capture below.

Paige Fischer in content video for 522 Productions

Paige Fischer in content video for 522 Productions

This semester we have a student (Evan Roseberry) from our Video I class last semester who is interning there this semester.  I am confident he will enjoy the same level of success as Paige.

Thank you very much to 522 Productions and the other local companies with whom we have partnered to give experience to our students and let them explore their own creativity while also exploring job opportunities.

“Smellovision” and program update

First of all, I would like to congratulate both Meghan Oney and Paige Fischer on a great short film they created in the fall 2014 semester as part of a supervised study class.  Please take a look:

Also, as an update from the music videos that were created by our PHT 130 (Video I) class students, you can see them soon in the video page of this site.

We apologize it took so long but please take a look at what the students completed last semester.

And on a final note, there is a second eight weeks class here on the Woodbridge campus (CST 250 – “Art of Film) that will be starting soon and should be a lot of fun for anyone interested in film.

Welcome to a New Semester

As the fall 2014 semester wound to a close and the new spring 2015 semester has begun, I have found things to be very busy around campus.  Therefore, the music videos filmed partially by our Video I students last semester have not been completed but keep checking back for an update – hopefully soon.

Also, we are trying to get some confirmation for some other exciting new collaborations and projects for this year.  I am not going to leak anything yet but it could be some really thrilling experiences for our students.

As always, if you have any questions about film on the Woodbridge campus of NOVA, come in and see us or simply post something on this site.

NOVA Woodbridge Film Program 2014 Promo Video

Here is our promotional video from September’s film shoot.

We tried to give it a Film Noir feeling and actually added grain to the final grading and converted it to black and white to stay with the era.

(Watch it in HD if the settings do not default to it)

Spring class registration starts next week, so I hope potential students will be interested in our classes here at Woodbridge.


Natural Lens Flare

In a recent class discussion, we discussed the use of lens flares in post-production work to imitate the natural flares exposed through cinematography.  The use (and sometimes overuse) of lens flares, whether natural or fabricated, is a debatable topic one way or the other.

However, while filming our recent music video this past weekend, two of our students were excited by this shot…a natural flare:


It still remains to be seen if this shot will make it in the final cut but it is exciting to watch the experimentation by student filmmakers.  Sometimes, it is the mistakes that make for the best results.

Film Students Work On Music Video

Just one more teaser as everyone waits for the promotional video.

I am posting a picture from a video shoot our Video I (PHT 130) students did for local band Karla and the Brotherhood yesterday afternoon.

I really think our students learned a lot being “on set” and getting hands-on experience working in this environment.

We appreciate the hospitality of the band and look forward to filming them on the 23rd as well.

Hopefully the band will have two new music videos by the end of the year.