FY2014 Facilities Safety Slogan Winner Announced

Tchakka “Chuck” Barrett and Derek Hodge

Tchakka “Chuck” Barrett and Derek Hodge

Loudoun Facilities Manager Tchakka “Chuck” Barrett was presented a plaque and a Rising Star glass desk award on August 14 for his winning entry in the third Annual Facilities Department Safety Award Contest. The award was presented by Associate Director of Operations Derek Hodge at the monthly Building and Grounds (B&G) Safety Committee meeting. Barrett’s staff was treated to a pizza lunch in honor of his award.

This year’s safety slogan topic is Hazard Communication. The winning entry will be displayed on posters at each campus. The Safety Award contest is part of the B&G Safety Review Committee’s program to encourage safety awareness on the campuses.

Congratulations Chuck!


FY2014 Safety Slogan is:

Hazard Communication 

Have an eye for safety
Accident prevention = #1 intention
Zero in on safety
Check then recheck
One safe act leads to another
Make safety reality to avoid fatality

Tchakka “Chuck” Barrett

Tchakka “Chuck” Barrett

Pizza lunch held in honor of the award winner

Pizza lunch held in honor of the award winner Tchakka “Chuck” Barrett. From left to right: Barrett, Jim Knox and Steve Weikart, Jimmy Cooper (in the front), Steve Ayers, David Vargas (Contractor – Brickman), Christian Flores (Contractor- Brickman), Tom Dunst and Sammy Cooper.


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One Response to “FY2014 Facilities Safety Slogan Winner Announced”

  1. NOVA is lucky to have Chuck on board!
    He is also a wonderful father and mentor as Little League coach for over 10 years now.