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NOVA Student Film Festival (NSFF) Announces

New Community Partnerships

Alexandria, March 30, 2015:  NOVA Student Film Festival (NSFF) announces new partnerships with community film organizations that have agreed to join its 2015 showcase.

Three established film festivals in the Washington, D.C. area, will join forces with the NSFF to highlight their respective “best of shows” from their festivals. The three new partners are: Alexandria Film Festival, Rosebud Film & Video Festival and DC Shorts Film Festival.

A yearly tribute to cinema, the Alexandria Film Festival presents feature-length films, documentaries, animation, and shorts by emerging and established filmmakers to an engaged audience seeking new or rarely seen films.

The mission of the Alexandria Film Festival is to promote cinema as an important cultural and educational asset and market Alexandria as a dynamic venue for creating, exhibiting and experiencing film ( )

Rosebud Film & Video Festival has worked to recognize and honor the innovative, unusual, experimental and deeply personal in regional film and video making, and to provide audiences with the finest in locally-produced, contemporary work.

Open exclusively to DC, Maryland, and Virginia media artists, the festival awards large cash prizes, valuable products and services, as well as theatrical and cable television showcases to this area’s deserving film and video creators, providing them with many opportunities for artistic growth and professional exposure (

Since 2003, DC Shorts Film Festival has showcased a world-class collection of independent short films to diverse and enthusiastic audiences.  In 2006, the DC Film Alliance, a non-profit arts organization, was created to present the DC Shorts Film Festival, and offer other programs and resources for Washington, D.C.-based filmmakers. The Alliance helped to bridge the gap between other area film organizations, fostered a community for regional film festival directors and sponsored monthly salons to educate filmmakers at all levels.

The festival has been named the “Coolest Short Film Festival” by MovieMaker Magazine and it is a three-time winner of the Washington City Paper’s “Coolest Short Film Festival” contest/award (

NOVA – Alexandria film students will benefit  from these partnerships. Screening films made by independent filmmakers from around the world will inspire our students to aim high in their storytelling and production. Furthermore, these partnerships offer internship/volunteer work opportunities that will provide our students with much needed “outside the classroom” experience. They will learn, build their resumes and aim for higher quality filmmaking! Additionally, many of our partners, as is true for many art organizations, have limited resources to put together top quality community events. This collaboration allows them to use the work of  NOVA students. It’s a win-win partnership!

The NOVA Student Film Festival is scheduled for Friday, May 1, 2015 on the Alexandria Campus – Bisdorf Bldg., room 196; from 6pm – 9pm. The festival is open to the general public and admission is free.

For more information about the NOVA Student Film Festival, please visit our site: or contact Prof. Lucy Gebre-Egziabher via or via phone 703-845-6297

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Community Outreach: Forging new Partnerships

DC Shorts partners with NSFF

More Exciting news! DC Shorts Film Festival Joins NOVA Student Film Festival in 2015. The festival has been named as the “Coolest Short Film Festival” by MovieMaker Magazine and it is a three-time winner of the Washington City Paper’s “Coolest Short Film Festival” contest/award.

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New partner added to the NOVA Student Film Festival (NSFF)!

Rosebud Film & Video Festival, a festival that has been around the DMV area since 1990, has joined NOVA Student Film Festival this year.  Rosebud will feature its “best of show”, short films from its 2015 film line-up. Welcome Rosebud to our village!!!!

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Spring 2015 – Alexandria Film Festival partners with NSFF

In an effort to cultivate relations with community art organizations and to create training/internship opportunities for our film students, I am happy to announce that Alexandria Film Festival is partnering with NOVA Student Film Festival (NSFF) this year.  2015 NSFF will feature “best of show”, short films from the 2014 Alexandria Film Festival,  where our film students served as pre-screeners for the festival.

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Fall 2014 – Alexandria Film students served as pre-screeners for the 2014 Alexandria Film Festival.

An exciting opportunity for our film students:  Alexandria film students were assigned 5-6 films submitted to the festival. They had to put to use what they learned in the classroom: watch every film with a critical eye, critique and score them.  Students who took part in the experience got a chance to watch films submitted from around the world. This is definitely an experience that we will develop more with the blessing of the Alexandria Film Festival! Thank you on behalf of our students, for a great experience!

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Spring 2014 – Alexandria Students Film Productions 

Casting Call