PUP on PARADE Sessions for February 23rd through February 27th

We, at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, have  identified some of the best presentations from the Power Up Your Pedagogy (PUP) conference (that wasn’t hard; they were all good).  We are offering these presentations throughout the Spring Semester on a campus near you!

We’re calling this inaugural event PUP on PARADE!    PUP on Parade is made possible by the graciousness of those who presented at the PUP Conference in January.

Registration and a catalogue of all of the presentations is available at:  http://goo.gl/I7EAbB

Here’s what’s happening this week (February 23rd  through February 27th )

Josh Pachter:    Enter the Matrix: A DIY Tool to Promote Student Thought, Writing and Engagement  In this session, Loudoun Campus CST instructor Josh Pachter will demonstrate how to create a matrix for any course and how to integrate it easily into your curriculum. The matrix project  can be used as a homework assignment early in the semester to present students with a vivid overview of a course’s content, to provoke in-depth thinking about the subjects a course will explore, and to serve as a prompt for reflective writing. In the classroom, the matrix can be used to actively engage even the shyest students in thoughtful small-group or full-class discussion.

This is on Monday, February 23rd  from 12:30 to  2:00  at the Loudoun Campus,  LW 213  

Deanna DeGidio:  Integrating Ethics into the Curriculum: Is It Our Job to Focus on Character as Well as Content?     Thomas Lickona, a psychologist and moral educator, said that schools have two jobs: “To help young people become smart and to help them become good.” Both tasks are undertaken by elementary and high schools but, traditionally, helping students to become “good” doesn’t make its way back into the curriculum until graduate school, with the teaching of professional ethics. This session reviews research in the social sciences and includes a conversation on how educators at NOVA can best meet the changing needs of students and society           

This is on Thursday, February 26th  from 11:00 to 12:30 on the Annandale Campus, CN 213


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Great Professional Development Opportunity – PUP on PARADE!

The PUP 2015 Conference has concluded and we’re all back to our teaching routines.  But that doesn’t mean PUP is over for 2015.  Not at all!

We’ve identified some of the best PUP presentations from the conference (that wasn’t hard; they were all good) and we’re offering these presentations again on a campus near you!  We’re calling this inaugural event PUP on PARADE! 

There are fourteen presenters who are putting a total of 26 sessions on Parade, so there’s one (or two or three) for you!   Visit http://goo.gl/I7EAbB to peruse the PUP on Parade Catalog and register for any or all of the sessions on any of the campuses.   The sessions are in alphabetical order by the lead presenter’s last name.  Times and locations of the presentations are in a drop down menu below the description.    Questions?  Contact CETL at CETL@nvcc.edu

The Parade begins this Thursday, February 5th,  with a presentation by Bo Yang along with Jennifer Sovine and Edward Zuniga.  This presentation, called Turning Points:  Mobil Learning at the Community College is on the Woodbridge Campus Room WAS 230K at 9:30 to 11:00 AM.  Register here:  http://goo.gl/I7EAbB .

It is followed on Friday, February 6th  by John Kicnheloe and Doug Campbell in a presentation called Going Digital or Keeping it Traditional:  A semester case study in best practices.  This session is held at the Alexandria Campus from 12 to 1:30.   Register here:  http://goo.gl/I7EAbB .

If you  want to attend these sessions but cannot make it, don’t worry.  They are repeated later on this Spring.  The presenters are giving fully of their time and talent to make this possible for you!

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Free on-line Professional Development Opportunity

Announcement —Professional Development Activity

The Reynolds Center for Distance Learning in cooperation with the VCCS ELET Committee’s eLET Academy invites you to participate in the upcoming FantasTech Virtual Conference.

Conference Dates: February 6-13, 2015. This is  a synchronous conference but sessions are recorded and posted in the conference environment for later viewing.

Those of you who have been around for a few years know that FantasTech is an outgrowth of the JSRCC Virtual Conference. It has come far in a few years and is attracting presenters and participants from across the country and in other countries as well! In addition to being able to hear from experts and practitioners in the field of learning with technology, you also have an opportunity to build your professional network with colleagues you would not meet any other way.

More information is available at: http://www.reynolds.edu/fantastech  where you can register and peruse the schedule. Be sure to check out the outstanding keynote speakers. It is a significant opportunity for professional development without leaving your home or office. Registration is open through February 1, 2015.

Please direct all questions  to JSRCC conference committee at: fantastech@email.vccs.edu

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The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) professional development for Spring 2015

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL)  announces professional development for Spring 2015

Spring 2015 Teaching Squares !! This is a low investment, high return program for your teaching practice!  Register soon.  It fills up fast.

Missed PuP?   Hear the Presidential Address by Dr. Templin or  the astounding plenary, Teaching Naked, by Dr. Bowen.   Power Up Pedagogy 2015.

Dr. Bowen’s talk is available on NOVA’s Blackboard site, where it is password protected:  Log into Blackboard, select Faculty and Staff Video Resources, CETL Videos, PUP 2015 Dr Jose Antonio Bowen.

You can discuss Dr. Bowen’s  plenary on the CETL blog – let your colleagues know what you think!

  • January 23rd:   Flipping Your Discipline:  Round Table Discussion with Colleagues.   You can register here:  http://tinyurl.com/CETLflippedclassroom, if you haven’t already done so.  This is held on the Woodbridge Campus WAS 116 at 1 PM.   February 14thOur Changing World, part of the year-long Global Studies professional development event, NOVA and the World.  You can register here!  It will be at CETL on the AN campus (CG 218 at 11 AM) 
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We’ve Flipped, Have YOU? Don’t miss the next in this Faculty Focus Series!

Don’t miss this Faculty Focus session on flipping your classroom.  If you haven’t registered for the January 23rd session of this series, you can do so now!   You can register for January (and beyond) if you have attended the October or November sessions or not.  Everyone is welcome!. 

We Flipped!  Will You?

Interactive strategies for an inverted classroom

CETL cordially invites you to join Manassas Faculty members

Laura Jean Bhadra and Maryellen Ryan for a Faculty Focus series on the Flipped Classroom This event rotates campuses, Oct. 24 — MA;   Nov 14 — LO; Jan.  23– WO;  Mar 6 — AN; Apr 3 — AL

Time: 11:30 am to 1 pm for all sessions

Register:    http://tinyurl.com/CETLflippedclassroom

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Most of us are probably familiar with this famous quote from Benjamin Franklin. But how many of us have actually applied this in the classroom?

In this highly participatory session, we will share tips and strategies for developing an interactive classroom. Using techniques such as the flipped classroom, video lectures, student response devices, group discussion, and publishers’ online based learning systems, we’ll help you  to make learning a truly student led experience.

For Further Information:  http://blogs.nvcc.edu/cetl/2014/09/29/flipped-classroom/

Cindy Miller Acting Coordinator Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Associate Professor, Biology Northern Virginia Community College http://blogs.nvcc.edu/cetl/ https://twitter.com/NOVA_CETL http://www.nvcc.edu/cetl

Do you know a colleague who is a super professor? If so, please let us know who that faculty member is so that we can honor him or her with  the CETL Super Professor Recognition.   Just send an e-mail to CETL@nvcc.edu. No self-nominations, please.  Office: (703)  764-7386  Fax: (703) 425-5232

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Getting Involved in NOVA’s Loudoun campus

Getting Involved in NOVAs Loudoun campus

By Diane Mucci

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NVCC police

An updated video has been produced this year and a link is on the police webpage


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Adjunct Professional Development Day

Registration for the upcoming January 10 Adjunct Professional Development Day is now open.   Please read through the attached invitation and workshop descriptions, then follow the link to online registration.

APDD Jan 2015 Invitation and Registration Info

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Professional Development Workshops

Cat Obrien, Dean of Communication and Human Studies  invites all adjunct and full time faculty to December professional development workshops.

See attached flyer for information.

Professional Development at Loudoun

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Adjunct Faculty Grant Applications

The deadline for Adjunct Grant Applications is November 17th.  Please resend the email below to your adjunct faculty as you are able.  I’m sure that many will want to take advantage of this professional development opportunity.

Northern Virginia Community College


Do you have ideas for the development of teaching aids or projects, or need funds for the registration and lodging at a professional conference, get some research done or take a course that is applicable to your field of teaching?  NOVA wants to help, so please read on:    

Northern Virginia’s Professional Development Committee  is pleased to announce the availability of professional development grants for adjunct faculty members who teach at least one course at the College during the 2014-2015 academic year.  The maximum grant award is $1,500 (less FICA and federal and state income tax if applicable).    Full-time (P-3) faculty members are not eligible.

The grant shall be awarded for the development of teaching aids, research (including the registration and lodging for professional conferences), taking college courses applicable to your teaching discipline provided that no other funding source is available, or a service project that will benefit the college and/or the campus where the applicant teaches. 

Interested adjunct faculty should submit completed applications  electronically and print, complete and fax a cover page (703) 425-5232 that includes the division dean and the campus provost’s signatures.  You may also bring it to CG 218 on the Annandale Campus.   The signature of the applicant’s dean and provost indicates his/her consent for the project proposal as submitted by the adjunct faculty member.  Applications submitted without approval from the appropriate dean and provost will not be considered. 

Applicants may submit more than one proposal; however, only one grant will be awarded to any individual.

The deadline by which the application and the faxed cover page must be received electronically: 5 P.M. (EST),  November 17, 2014.  The selection committee will not consider applications that are received late or proposals that are incomplete or do not have a cover page.   All applications will be acknowledged by email. 

T  The grant will be reviewed by members of the Northern Virginia Community College Professional Development Committee.  Criteria used for selection is the same as that used by the Virginia Community College System Paul Lee Grant process.   Those who are selected to receive a grant will be notified by December 15, 2014.   The work funded by the grant is expected to be completed by the end of summer 2015. Exceptions will be made to that date if the work of the grant demands it.  

T  Grant Awardees are responsible for the dissemination of grant results.   To facilitate that, all grant awardees will be responsible for submitting a poster indicating the results of the project for the Power Up Your Pedagogy Conference in January of 2016.  If the project is not complete at that time, then the poster should be submitted for the PUP conference in 2017.  A template will be provided and the printing costs of the poster are assumed by the PUP conference.  Your attendance is expected at the conference as long as you are still employed by Northern Virginia Community College.   

G  Grant awardees may also wish to provide additional dissemination of grant results that may be required by the awardee’s dean or provost. Additional methods of dissemination of results might include a presentation: at  NOVA’s Power up Your Pedagogy (PUP) conference, at adjunct faculty meetings, a VCCS peer group meeting and/or VCCS New Horizons Conference.

5  A grant award payment will be made when the proposed project is satisfactorily completed as specified in the grant proposal.  A project will be considered satisfactorily completed when the  following conditions are met:

  • Your dean or immediate supervisor sends an electronic message acknowledging satisfactory completion of the project or service to the Chair of the  Adjunct Grant Sub Committee (Cindy Miller) with a copy to the Professional Development Committee, Provost Sam Hill, and Trace Main, Associate Director Training and Professional Development at NOVA’s Human Resources.
  • The poster has been submitted for approval to the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. The awardee will receive approval via email and that email is part of the documentation that must be submitted.   
  • Arrangements have been made for any other required dissemination of results.  
  • Notification of satisfactory completion must be received via email by May 15, 2015.   This date can be extended by special request if the work of the grant demands it.    For questions, contact Cindy Miller. 
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