Weekly Tip: Help students stay focused by providing them with study tips for final exams

With final exam week approaching, students can find themselves overwhelmed with exams and projects. A brief ten minute review session and/or study tips presented in lecture can help to alleviate fears and keep students on track during the crucial last two weeks of the semester. It may also be a good time to remind students of the resources available to them on campus — math center, writing center, tutoring and office hours. By reviewing some successful study strategies/resources, it can help students to stay focused until the end of final exams.

(link to article: http://teaching.colostate.edu/tips/tip.cfm?tipid=63)

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Call for proposals for August 22 APDD

This is just a friendly reminder that Sandi would like you to submit any proposals you have for the August 22 Adjunct Professional Development Day to her by close of business Monday, April 20, please.

Even if you haven’t fully scoped out your ideas, let us know what you’re planning so we can begin to assemble the program.

The APDDs have been one of the most successful by-us-and-for-us initiatives at NOVA, so let’s keep that going.  Share your good ideas and practices with your colleagues and plan on attending so they can share theirs with you.

If you have any questions you can contact Sandi Nicholson at 703-450-2613.

Thank you for all you do for NOVA, for each other, and for our students.

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Weekly Tip: Provide positive reinforcement as appropriate to help encourage students

This is the point in the semester when students can become overwhelmed with their course work and assignment deadlines. Sometimes student attendance and motivation can be low. A simple “good job” or “keep up the good work” can help to keep a good student on track. Sails is an excellent way to send these positive comments to students. For those students who are struggling, it can help to remind them that you are here to help them and to point out the ways they can still improve their course performance – this often best done informally and in person.

A short message or brief conversation with a student can be enough to help to motivate them in these last few weeks of the semester.

(link to articles:  http://wellbeingincollege.org/upload/TEACHING%20TIPS%20FOR%20MORE%20POSITIVE%20COLLEGE%20CLASSROOMS.pdf)


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Weekly Tip: Teach study strategies and success tips to students

Share your best study, reading, and success tips with your students. As instructors, we have witnessed a great deal of both success and failure, and students can benefit from our observations. Many of our students have never developed good study and time management techniques on their own. A quick tip can change everything for a struggling student.

(link to article: https://www.examtime.com/blog/study-hacks/)

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Weekly Tip: Ask students about their lives, so that they know you care

Before and after class ask individual students about their lives, jobs, or hobbies. Many students feel isolated and assume their professors are concerned about everything but them. A small moment of attention will lead to greater engagement in the course. We all need a bit of encouragement this late in the semester.

(link to article: https://www.cmu.edu/teaching/solveproblem/strat-lackmotivation/lackmotivation-01.html#strat)

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Weekly Tip: Encourage students to get involved on campus

The Loudoun campus has a strong and active student government association which provides resources to students for getting involved on campus. Research suggests that students who are involved in campus activities will be more likely to continue on at the school and complete their degree. Encourage your students to get involved in these activities. By getting involved in campus life and campus initiatives, the students will be better connected with their peers and better able to get the support they need in their academics and in their personal lives while they are at NOVA.

(link to article: http://kvccdocs.com/KVCC/2013-Spring/FY125-OLA/content/L-17/Student%20Involvement%20Article.pdf)

Links for campus involvement:

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Communicate midterm grades to students

Since we are about halfway through the semester, now is a great time to communicate with students about their current standing in the class. Even though calculating a grade in the class may seem easy to us, students often times do not know how to do this, even if it is explained in the syllabus. Consider providing students with an approximate midterm grade or explain to them how they can calculate their current grade. Students may also appreciate any feedback you can provide to them about how they can improve their grade in the class – whether this is communicated to the class as a group or one-on-one.

If you are transparent about their current performance in the class, students are more likely to reach out and ask for help before it is too late. This will avoid frustration at the end of the semester for both students and teachers.

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Call for Proposals for August 22 APDD

Planning for our August 22 Loudoun Adjunct Professional Development Day is beginning.  As always, we appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge and skills with our adjuncts in the way of leading a professional development workshop for APDD.  Whether it be promoting student success, building meaningful curriculum, building student or professional relationships, or another appropriate professional development topic, we welcome your proposals for workshops at this time.  Full-timers,  keep in mind that presenting at APDD can serve to meet your APPDO requirements.

Please send the title for your proposed workshop along with a description in 50 words or less to snicholson@nvcc.edu .

Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 22 for APDD.  Thank you! Sandi Nicholson, 703-450-2613.

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You won’t want to miss thisFriday’s Faculty Focus Series that recounts flipped classroom experience!

Just a reminder of this professional development opportunity event this Friday (and beyond) — registration is still open!

We Flipped!  Will You?

Interactive strategies for an inverted classroom

CETL cordially invites you to join Manassas Faculty members

Laura Jean Bhadra and Maryellen Ryan for a Faculty Focus series on the Flipped Classroom

Part V:  March 20th at Annandale (Faculty Dining Room)

What’s the Down  Side?  Are there reasons not to flip?  In this session that addresses objections to the flipped classroom you’ll look at such issues as whether your students really preview the lectures ahead of time? If they can get the material online, will they stop coming to class? Addressing these and other objections to a flipped classroom can reduce concerns about the potential downsides of flipping the classroom.

Register:    http://tinyurl.com/CETLflippedclassroom

The final session of this series is April 3rd at Alexandria:  A hands on Developmental Session to Create Syllabi for your Flipped Classroom.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Most of us are probably familiar with this famous quote from Benjamin Franklin. But how many of us have actually applied this in the classroom?

In this highly participatory session, we will share tips and strategies for developing an interactive classroom. Using techniques such as the flipped classroom, video lectures, student response devices, group discussion, and publishers’ online based learning systems, we’ll help you  to make learning a truly student led experience.

For Further Information:  http://blogs.nvcc.edu/cetl/2014/09/29/flipped-classroom/

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PUP on PARADE Sessions for February 23rd through February 27th

We, at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, have  identified some of the best presentations from the Power Up Your Pedagogy (PUP) conference (that wasn’t hard; they were all good).  We are offering these presentations throughout the Spring Semester on a campus near you!

We’re calling this inaugural event PUP on PARADE!    PUP on Parade is made possible by the graciousness of those who presented at the PUP Conference in January.

Registration and a catalogue of all of the presentations is available at:  http://goo.gl/I7EAbB

Here’s what’s happening this week (February 23rd  through February 27th )

Josh Pachter:    Enter the Matrix: A DIY Tool to Promote Student Thought, Writing and Engagement  In this session, Loudoun Campus CST instructor Josh Pachter will demonstrate how to create a matrix for any course and how to integrate it easily into your curriculum. The matrix project  can be used as a homework assignment early in the semester to present students with a vivid overview of a course’s content, to provoke in-depth thinking about the subjects a course will explore, and to serve as a prompt for reflective writing. In the classroom, the matrix can be used to actively engage even the shyest students in thoughtful small-group or full-class discussion.

This is on Monday, February 23rd  from 12:30 to  2:00  at the Loudoun Campus,  LW 213  

Deanna DeGidio:  Integrating Ethics into the Curriculum: Is It Our Job to Focus on Character as Well as Content?     Thomas Lickona, a psychologist and moral educator, said that schools have two jobs: “To help young people become smart and to help them become good.” Both tasks are undertaken by elementary and high schools but, traditionally, helping students to become “good” doesn’t make its way back into the curriculum until graduate school, with the teaching of professional ethics. This session reviews research in the social sciences and includes a conversation on how educators at NOVA can best meet the changing needs of students and society           

This is on Thursday, February 26th  from 11:00 to 12:30 on the Annandale Campus, CN 213


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