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NOVA has a fantastic new website designed to work better on your mobile device.  Be aware that some of your old bookmarks may no longer work. Take some time now to find your favorite NOVA websites and update your bookmarks. 

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What Would You like to know?

The student services office at the MEC is responsible for the processing of all allied health and nursing applications. As such we do our best to stay abreast of any changes that may be upcoming. Check back regularly and comment to ask questions. If there is anything you’d like us to write about feel free to comment on this post with suggestions or questions.


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Do I have my ducks in a row? 2014 Nursing Edition

We generally have students come to our office who merely want to check to see that they have all their ducks in a row. While we encourage students to come a semester in advance to do this, there are some last minute items students forget or overlook. We hope this presentation clears up  any confusion.

Feel free to contact us at with questions. The subject should read:  2014 “program name” Application Questions.

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Math the Final Frontier:


On most days I’ll have at least one or two students sitting across from me with this very common problem. They’ve completed everything in order to apply and they still need to pass the math placement test, or in the case of our nursing students the math placement test and the TEAS (Nursing Pre-Admission) test.  You can see the frustration hang in clouds around them as they come to the common issue of mastering math before a deadline.  Let us call these two students Sigma (∑) and Mu (µ).

“Do I really need to do this?” Mu asked with a
hopeful glance that I will say no. “Is there someone I can talk to” Sigma plaintively asked, looking to be absolved from the burden of dealing with math.  Again I have to break the news that no, they must meet all established requirements.  Math for most of the allied health and nursing programs is not something to be taken lightly. The placement test requirement is there to make sure a student is well equipped to deal with the mathematical concepts present in the different disciplines.  As such it must be taken to heart that passing the test is not just meeting a requirement, but signaling that you are at least in part ready to tackle the challenge ahead.

Sigma stirs and says, “I’ve completed a degree….I don’t need to take the placement test do I?”  The short answer is always yes; all students are required to demonstrate that they are able to operate at the prescribed math level.  Not all degrees require college level math courses and as such a student may in fact still need to take a test.  If a student has transferred a college level math to NOVA than a test is not required. For all others taking the math placement test is a must.

“Ok I get it. I’m going to have to take the math placement test?  What can I do now? I’m ‘terrible’ at math,” grumbles Mu. At this point in the visit the hope starts to drain out of a prospective student, swallowed up by the idea that this abstract assortment of esoteric knowledge will hold them back in their march forward.

Most students do not realize that they can prepare for the math placement test like any other test. They also do not realize that there exists a wealth of resources to get them up to speed in almost any topic imaginable and they’re all for free.  The cost to the student is the time and effort it takes to understand the material.  (Easier said than done right?)  Nothing comes easy, but at the end of the day the question is how bad you want/need it.  For some students this will mean taking a developmental math course for a semester or two, and potentially missing a deadline. For others it will mean setting aside other commitments in order to focus on the primary objective.  Math does not need to be the end of the road, often it is just the beginning of it.

Take the time to look over the following links as you prepare to take a step towards your goal.

The first step is review the Math Placement Test site on the NOVA website.  It offers a wide variety of links that may assist you. For many students the practice test and review packet is sufficient.

Placement test information:

Review Packet:

Some students will wish to practice their math skills before taking the exam. Khan Academy is a free online school.  Students typically find that practicing on this site at least an hour a day for a week or two  gets them ready for the test.

Math Practice:

If you are not able to pass the required units that your program application requires, you will then be required to take a developmental math course.  Developmental math is not a four letter word, but an opportunity for you to grow academically and better prepared to succeed in your program of choice.

Information on the developmental math program:

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How Do I Get the Most out of My Visit to the MEC?


Over the years I’ve had numerous students sit across from me interested in one of our programs. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a significant number of them go on to get accepted into one of our programs and subsequently graduating. The common thread among successful students was their thoroughness, attention to detail and organization. Our role is to help you if you’re lost and need additional assistance navigating the admissions process. Our time is your time, but in order to get the most of it we ask that you do some of the following:

  1. Come prepared by reviewing the online information session for your program
  2. Review the respective application for your program
  3. If you have taken previous courses at NOVA, or transferred courses, compare your unofficial transcript to the current advising sheet for your program
  4. Write all of your questions down [most people forget their questions]
    1. or better yet, email your questions to MECCounselor@NVCC.EDU
  5. Bring any official transcripts from external schools that you have not yet taken

If you follow these steps and stay informed, you should be ok. If you run into issues feel free to come back, or send us an email to



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Have Question? We have Answers!

Outside view of Medical Education campus.

Have a pressing question but can’t come to the MEC Campus?  On your last quarter tank of gas and can’t make the drive? Consider sending us an email. We can answer most questions sent via email. We ask that you send your questions to Make sure to send your email from your student email address and include your 7 digit EMPLID ID number. When submitting questions we ask you to list them out in bullets or 1-10 format. Most questions are answered the same business day, questions requiring a little more research will take longer to answer.

Avoid the Drive and the Line!

Email us at




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How do I get started in an Allied Health or Nursing program?

 To get started, please view or attend the entire online information session for your program(s) of interest and be sure to print any applicable brochures and application(s).  The information sessions are arranged by the academic departments and provide information on the program, admissions requirements, and application procedures.  Please visit: for more information.

If you have a question, please review the FAQs for your program:

Allied Health FAQs:

Nursing FAQs:

If you have further questions, please attend a MEC Exchange Workshop!

You may also attend a MEC Exchange Workshop about the Allied Health and Nursing admission process at the campus nearest you.  To register, click on the following link:

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New Shuttle Service Available!

NOVA has begun offering free shuttle service to and from the near by Franconia-Springfield Metro.  Make sure to have your NOVACard on hand to  take advantage of the service.

Visit  for more information and the current schedule.

NOVA Shuttle Sign


Route E: Medical Education / Franconia-Springfield Metro / Springfield Mall


Franconia Springfield Metro Bertucci’s and Starbucks Barnes & Noble Medical Education Center
Morning Service
7:30 7:40
7:50 8:00
8:10 8:20
8:30 8:40
8:50 9:00
9:10 9:20
9:30 9:40
9:50 11:00
11:10 11:20
11:30 11:35 11:40 11:45
11:55 Noon 12:05 12:10
Afternoon Service
12:20 12:25 12:30 12:35
12:45 12:50 12:55 1:00
1:10 1:15 1:20 1:25
1:35 1:40 1:45 1:50
2:00 2:10
2:20 2:30
2:40 2:50
3:00 3:10
3:20 3:30
3:40 3:50
4:00 4:10
4:20 4:30
4:40 4:50
5:00 5:10
5:20 5:30
5:40 5:50
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Allied Health Application 2015

Some of the Allied health programs are going through some changes to their competitive admissions. They are still in the process of finalizing the changes  and hope to be done in September. Here are some highlights to the changes for this 2015 application. 

PTA will be going competitive.  You may view the changes via the online catalog:

  • English
  • TEAS
  • Competitive admissions


  • No more interviews
  • TEAS test has been added to the prerequisites 

Medical Lab

  • Pending addition of the TEAS test
  • Pending competitive admissions


  • Will remain first come first serve this year but will go competitive in 2016


  • Qualify for English 111 or Higher

 There may be additional changes but these are the ones that we are aware of at this time. Please keep an eye out for the new application which will have all of the changes for 2015.

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Virtual MEC Exchange Workshops

For everything you ever wanted to know about the MEC’s Allied Health & Nursing Programs…

June 12th and June 23rd

An MEC Academic Advisor will present information about the admission process for Allied Health and Nursing Programs. The presentation is live and interactive. Please register for the upcoming workshop or check the site for other dates and times!

Interested?  Sign up via our Website,

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