We know how much you love flashcards, so we thought we would have some here in the library for  you to use whenever you want!!!  So exciting :)

We just got in a few sets of flashcards and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on them.  They are “in library use only”, so you actually have to come and visit us to use them.  Don’t worry, we are very nice.

Check them out!!!!

  • Rand and Dale’s Pharmacology Flashcards
  • Barron’s Anatomy Flashcards 2nd ed.
  • Kaplan Medical Anatomy Flashcards 2nd ed.
  • Mosby’s Medical Terminology Flashcards 3rd ed.

May Sees the New Arrival of Steven Frets


How new are you to Nova, Steven?

I’m 2 weeks old. Moved all the way from Milwaukee, WI. Go Packers!

What’s your position title?

I’m Library Specialist II here at NOVA MEC.

What’s the first thing you noticed about the campus libraries?

The department’s dedication to providing students with tech resources.

E-reader or physical copy?

Does it have to be an either/or sitiuation? I’m unique in that I took 10 years off between undergrad and graduate school. I do not feel fully cozy in the strict confines of the Y or X generation. There are advantages to both.

OK, favorite authors…?

Got a minute? Ryu Murakami, Dostoyevsky, Forster, Edith Wharton, Isabel Allende, Emerson, Sjon, Zola, Philip Kerr, Suzanne Collins, Chomsky, Stephen King,…I love the classics but ask me about contemporary classics too. Too many…

What advice do you want to give to students?

Be wise in your decision-making. Solid decision-making comes from facts. So there is ALWAYS a need for you to utilize an information professional/librarian.


National Library Week Winners


National Library Week Winners!

trophyThe MEC Library wants to thank everyone for helping us celebrate National Library Week last week.  We had a great time at the kickoff breakfast and enjoyed the conversation at our Faculty Flash Instruction sessions.

We especially want to thank everyone who participated in our NLW games and contests.   We passed out a ton of ducks in exchange for student library surveys.  Rubber DuckWe also had some great entries in our Book Spine Poetry contest as well as our other games and contest.

Here are the winners:

  • Book Spine Poetry
    • 1st: Sara Klosky
    • 2nd: Andrea Andrada
  • Medical Terminology Scramble
    • 1st: Karen Sison
    • 2nd: Rebecca Babcock
  • Libraries in the Movies and TV Trivia
    • 1st: Andrea Andrada
    • 2nd: Anika Johnson