REDESIGNED – Students 25 and Older

Students 25 and Older

As part of the upcoming policy changes, the New Students 25 and Older page was redesigned to include updated, simplified and reordered content in the accordion sections. In addition, an On-Time Registration section was added at the bottom of the page featuring a brief video.


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REDESIGNED – GPS for Success, New Students, Ages 17-24

GPS for Success

The GPS for Success page underwent several updates including: adding the new Start Strong logo to the banner at the top, new content, an accordion section addressing common questions and an On-Time Registration section with a video.

More updates to come…

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REDESIGNED – Start Strong

Start Strong Home Page


The Start Strong Web page is a launching point students can use to find out in which group they belong. After answering a few quick questions, students will be led to additional information that is relevant specially to them.

This Web page replaces the old New Students page and includes: a new header image; a fun NOVA overview video; categories for each type of new student with buttons leading to more details; a section tailored to students who are not sure which category they fall under; and a brief On-Time Registration video that touches on key details and contact information.

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NEW – Student Success Initiatives

Student Success

NOVA developed six policy changes that will take effect the Fall 2014 semester. The initial five policy changes will affect new first-time-to-college students. The sixth policy impacts all NOVA students.

Student Success Initiatives is a new Web page created detailing the six new policy changes. There are no special features on the page because the content detailing the policy changes is meant to be the focus.

More information to come about the sub websites that go with the Start Strong initiative. We encourage our students to read about and note these important upcoming changes!

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NEW – Online Press Kit

NOVA Press Kit

Check out our new online press kit! There are six main images categorized as follows: Overview, NOVA Leadership, History of NOVA, Vision and Goals, College Resources and Media Resources. When you hover over the images, a list of bulleted links appear leading you to additional Web pages containing great information about our media contacts, president’s bio, history of the College, mission, directories, press releases, media alerts and LOTS MORE! There is even a large button at the top of the page that when you click on it takes you to our image library where you’ll find 10 expandable accordion sections each containing vivid photo sets of our president, Dr. Templin, and the NOVA campuses and centers.

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NEW – Discover NOVA!

Discover NOVA

Explore our new website for perspective students called Discover NOVA. The layout consists of full-screen images, large main tabs, bold graphics and video clips. The visual elements are used in harmony to guide users through the site with ease in a horizontal direction. The five landing pages for each of the tabs pose a question we anticipate perspective students would want to know with relevant links to the answers. The carousel at the bottom is packed with fun elements like: a video of a current NOVA student giving an overview of the College from her viewpoint, a virtual tour, a link to our apps, a link to our new online catalog, directions on how to apply, payment options, student profiles and much more! We hope perspective students will find the site easy to use and informative.

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NEW – Carousel Feature

NOVA Features

Have you seen our new NOVA Features section at the bottom of our home page? The carousel consists of six rotating segments you can browse through by clicking on the arrows on the left or right.

Currently being showcased:

  • information on qualifying for financial aid
  • Spring 2014 Registration
  • Spring 2014 Schedule of Classes
  • Virtual Tour (video)
  • Did You Know? (video)
  • description and link to the Virginia Education Wizard

The carousel is typically updated based on the academic calendar. Topics vary, but you will always find the latest Schedule of Classes, Virtual Tour and Did You Know? video.

Next time you are on our home page be sure to check out what’s new in the revolving NOVA Features section!

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REDESIGNED – Online Schedule of Classes

Schedule of Classes

Check out the new version of our online Schedule of Classes. It has as a brighter/cleaner layout and a useful navigation bar on the left side. It also has a three-tab section at the bottom guiding you to other key areas of the NOVA website like: important dates, helpful links and the College Catalog. The old version was content heavy and contained no corresponding navigation. We hope that you find the new Schedule of Classes easy to use as you search for and register for classes!

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NEW — Zmags

NOVA Zmags

Zmags is a product that creates online publications from traditional printed material. NOVA has been in the process of converting many of our print publications into Zmags – giving readers easy access to them from anywhere at any time. The following are key publications we recently adapted into Zmags:

Keep an eye out for more as they become available!


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NEW — Sustainability Office

Sustainability Office

Visit the new Sustainability “Green” Office website. The site contains information about:

  • Sustainability services at NOVA including: academic, print, food and dining, the NOVA shuttle and more
  • Environmental committee
  • Sustainability goals
  • NOVA’s sustainability journey
  • Sustainability ideas

See what NOVA is doing to make a positive difference in the environment!

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