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Time goes sooooo quickly! It’s been seven years since our last major website redesign. We are currently working hard to bring you a new dynamic and informative site. The new NOVA website design will be responsive to meet the diverse technology needs of our large student, faculty/staff and community audiences. The launch of the new site is estimated to take place in the spring of 2015. We will be posting updates about the process along the way, so be sure to keep checking back.

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NEW — Student Handbook and Five Subsites

Student Handbook

Student Handbook

If you’re a NOVA student, we encourage you to review the NEW online Student Handbook!

Student Handbook Landing Page

  • We created a brand new, visual, simple and colorful landing page for the Student Handbook — the PDF version has been discontinued.
  • The new approach allows for timely, more frequent updates to the publication and its many important sections.

Specific sections of the handbook that are new and/or were redesigned include:

1. Advising & Counseling

      • this section was completely redesigned, with a new look, content and organization of material
      • the goal was to make a large amount of valuable content easy to find on one page using accordions and a “modular”, two-column design
      • you can now directly navigate to NOVA’s many Advising and Counseling services at all the campuses and it’s easier to access the myStudentSuccess Planner

2. Registrar Services

      • this is a new Web page that was designed to provide easy access to both Campus and College registrar services

3. Student Conduct and Integrity

      • this is a new Web page that includes content previously found in only the print and PDF versions of the Student Handbook
      • accordions were used on the page to break sections up into chunks
      • the layout makes it easier to update if/when material changes

4. Policies & Forms – Current Students

      • we added many policies that were previously found in only the print and PDF versions of the Student Handbook

5. College Safety

      • similar to Advising & Counseling, the challenge of this section was to present a large amount of important information on one, easy-to-read page

The online Student Handbook is a valuable resource. Bookmark it today!

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Check out the redesigned Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) site! The main goal behind the project was to reorganize the existing information and include new information in a more logical way. We removed the secondary navigation from all CETL pages and redesigned the existing interior pages. We created a carousel on the CETL home page that  highlights current CETL programs and links each program to a page within the website. Previously, the programs were separated in two places — the website and the CETL blog. We also made better use of the existing blog by cleaning up the entries and feeding them directly to the CETL landing page with links back to the blog. We eliminated the staff and contact page in favor of listing current staff prominently on the landing page with relevant contact details and links. We also included CETL goals and resources at the bottom of the page.

In addition, we created a Web page for the new CETL Teaching Institute program. This page contains an intro and all relevant details for the program schedule including dates, times and locations.

We hope you have a more user-friendly experience!


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REDESIGNED – Forms Library

New Forms Library


Finding a form is now easier than ever using the redesigned Forms Library!

There are three ways you can access NOVA forms:

  1. Forms Main Web Page
  2. Student Forms
  3. Faculty & Staff Forms

The forms main page includes instructions for all online forms with buttons to the Students and Faculty & Staff pages. The forms are now categorized by office and there is a Select Category option where you can choose the type of form you need including: Disability Services, Financial Aid, Honors, Parking, Purchasing or Other. When you click on the column header Form Number or Name, the list will get sorted. Depending on the form, the formats are RTF, PDF, Online and/or Excel.

We hope you find the new organized layout helpful.

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NEW — Golden Opportunity

Silver Line


Check out the new Golden Opportunity Web page we created in conjunction with the launch of Metro’s Silver Line.

The page provides details on …

  • easy accessibility to NOVA’s Reston Center location via Metro
  • the many educational opportunities available at the Reston Center
  • our limited-time Golden Opportunity Giveaway

There are also two large buttons on the page. One button takes you to the Golden Opportunity Giveaway Registration Form and the other button leads you to the Reston Center courses section of the Schedule of Class for Fall 2014.   

Reminder: Fall classes start on Wednesday, August 20!

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REDESIGNED — Parking Services

Parking Services

Check out Parking Services makeover!

The site redesign focused on:

  • cleaning up existing graphics and designing fresher graphics
  • improving the user experience by removing links from the secondary navigation
  • adding large calls-to-action buttons in place of the links in the navigation
  • updating the contact information
  • adding a new FAQ section to reflect recent changes to the fee structure

Note the price reduction for student parking!

We hope you find the site layout more user-friendly as you prepare for the Fall 2014 semester.

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UPDATED — Online College Catalog

College Catalog 2014-2015

The online College Catalog for 2014-2015 is now LIVE! It contains the latest updates to the Academic Calendar, Programs of Study, Academic Policies and Admission Information. It also features a video providing details about On-Time Registration, an important change that takes effect as of Fall 2014.



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NEW — ELI Start Strong & Orientation

ELI Start Strong

We made a variety of changes to the ELI Start Strong and Orientation Web pages including:

Start Strong

  • added On-Time Registration and Six New Policy Changes videos to the bottom of page


  • created a new Web page with an updated look
  • updated content to tell Students 25+ about how to get started
  • added On-Time Registration and Six New Policy Changes videos to the bottom of page
  • added ELI Links under the drop-down menu title “What resources can I use?”
  • created a new header image

ELI Orientation

  • created anew Web page
  • updated content about Student Orientation
  • added On-Time Registration and Six New Policy Changes videos to the bottom of page

Student Orientation

  • added a Special Notice
  • added new content

Student Orientation Registration   

  • added an ELI section to the drop-down menu with a button to the new Student Orientation sign up form

We hope these updates and changes will be helpful to you as you prepare for the Fall 2014 term!

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REDESIGNED – Workforce Development



Check out the redesigned Workforce Development landing page! The existing information was consolidated and the featured programs were changed from buttons on the right to a rotating carousel at the bottom of the page with the ability to click on the various programs. The design changes helped clarify the information on the landing page and allows for future additions to their featured programs to integrate seamlessly into the current layout. We also added a new Web page for their northern Virginia initiative called Employing Northern Virginia Through Entrepreneurship (ENOVATE). Sign up for summer classes today!


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NEW — Student Orientation

Student Orientation

We created a new Student Orientation page aimed at first-time-to-college students under the age of 24. The page explains what students will gain by attending Orientation, there’s a large green button leading to information on how they can register for Orientation, and a table containing Orientation contact phone numbers for each NOVA campus. We hope students find the information concise and helpful.

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