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Pathway to Transfer: VCU/University of Richmond



On April 11, 38 Pathway students traveled to Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Richmond to attend information sessions and participate in campus tours.   The college visit was designed to expose them to the benefits of both public and private universities, in urban, suburban or rural settings, in an effort to assist them in making transfer decisions.    At VCU, students learned about the benefits of attending an urban public research university in the heart of the city, including extensive internships opportunities, and were treated to a luncheon buffet.  At the University of Richmond, students were welcomed with true southern hospitality, escorted by exceptional student tour guides through the beautiful 350 acre suburban campus, and all interested students received a waiver of the admissions/application fee.

Contact: Pat Gordon, for more transfer trip information.


You Rock Student’s Choice Awards

yourockawardflyerFaculty, Staff, and Students work extremely hard all year to provide so much to others lives here at NOVA. Take the time to nominate a professor, staff member, or another student who goes above and beyond to make NOVA a better place. Here are the 3 categories:


Golden Apple Award – Awarded to a professor who provides valuable guidance and support by expressing a genuine concern for the welfare and progress of the students.

Buzz Lightyear Award – Awarded to a counselor who goes to “infinity and beyond” by providing exemplary guidance in navigating students through obstacles along the path and helps students to discover new paths to success.

The Main Event Award – Awarded to the best event hosted by a student club or student life (ex: Winter Ball, BSA Fashion Show, etc)

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Pathway to Transfer: James Madison University/Shenandoah

JMUandSU.2Students in the Pathway to the Baccalaureate Program participated in a college trip to James Madison University and Shenandoah University on March 21st to attend information sessions and campus tours.   27 students traveled together to learn about the programs and services offered at these universities and Shenandoah University graciously sponsored a buffet lunch for the students and trip advisors.   James Madison University is known for its high graduation rates and low costs.  Shenandoah University offers a study abroad semester for transfer students which could be completed within their two years at the private institution.   Pathway students were able to ask questions during the campus tours to enrolled students, which was beneficial in making transfer decisions.

Contact: Pat Gordon, for more transfer trip information.


LinkedIn: The New Resume

LinkedIn: The New Resume
by Eric Ramirez on July 19, 2013
Senior>Writing>Savannah College of Art and Design

Going out and getting a job is a different hurdle than it was a few years ago. It used to be that you would arrive to your interview resume in-hand, maybe even a few business cards in your pockets. But now that we live online, professional materials are being phased out for more accessible alternatives. But LinkedIn is being welcomed like BluRay was after DVDs — it’s taking a while to stick. But having a LinkedIn profile is more important than ever before.

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5 Meaningful Community Service Ideas for Students

This was revised from an article titled, “5 Meaningful Community Service Ideas for Students,” in order to share great service ideas with Pathway students.

To narrow the numerous volunteer options, you should first  understand the causes you care about. Are you passionate about animals? Then maybe helping at your town’s animal shelter is something you would be excited about.  You should tap into your interests to ensure the community service project has an impact.

Here are 5 ideas for community service options to think about:

1. Animals: Local animal shelters are always in need of volunteers even for simple tasks such as cleaning cages, answering phones, or making holiday decorations for the shelter waiting room. Contact a local shelter and speak with a volunteer coordinator to see what help is needed.

2. Seniors: Every community has senior citizens who would relish the time and help that you could lend. Most towns and cities have a senior center or a private nursing home where volunteers are needed. The recreation director who helps plans activities for the seniors is a good person to contact. Even a small amount of time with a senior can make a difference.

3. Helping other kids: For student athletes, a great way to give back to others is to volunteer at a Special Olympics event. There are hundreds of Special Olympics offices around the world, and all of them need volunteers at various times during the year. Find the Special Olympics office nearest your home.  Get involved in Special Olympics Project UNIFY®. This is an education-based project where all youth are agents of change—fostering respect, dignity, and advocacy for people with intellectual disabilities.

4. Troop support: Volunteering to help support active duty U.S. servicemen and women is a great initiative. Begin by contacting an organization that ships packages to troops, such as Operation Gratitude or Operation Troop Support. These and other organizations collect donated items, which they package and send to individually named service members deployed in hostile regions. The donated items can include snacks, entertainment items, and personal letters of appreciation, as well as small items like socks, decks of cards, candy, and even toothbrushes. You can organize a donation drive and collect some of the most needed items. As the holidays approach, these organizations are also looking for volunteers to help wrap gifts to ship to servicewomen and men, and kids can also write cards and draw pictures to include in the packages. “For the soldiers, receiving the cards is truly priceless,” says Christine Moody of Operation Troop Support.

5. The environment: Many people care deeply about the threats facing our environment and may have an interest in helping their community “go green.” Community service ideas include planting a neighborhood garden or a tree for all to enjoy (with proper municipal permissions, of course); launching a campaign to get friends to put their computers and other electronic devices in sleep mode before going to bed, thereby saving energy; organizing (or participating in) a community cleanup day; or helping clear hiking trails or performing beach cleanups.

For more ideas to motivate you to volunteer, check out or sites with enormous databases of nonprofit volunteer opportunities across the country.

Also, check your Bb & email, LikeUs on Facebook, and Follow Us on Twitter for monthly Pathway sponsored community service projects.

Pathway Students Recognized for Excellence


Northern Virginia Community College has two outstanding opportunities to recognize exceptional students during the academic year:  The “Who’s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges” publication and the SEAL Awards Honor.

SERVICE: Community service, volunteer efforts on or off campus
ENGAGEMENT: Participation in a community organization, active in a campus club or organization, campus enhancement, student life**
ACADEMICS: Cumulative GPA of 2.75 GPA or better
LEADERSHIP: Leadership in a student club, student government, campus committee, or community leadership position.

Students, Faculty, or Staff may nominate students that best display these attributes.

Interested for next year?

For more information, please contact Brian Anweiler, College-wide Student Life Coordinator at

NOVA Students Puckered UP for PAC…

Pucker Up for PAC -Last Wednesday, February 12, 2014 on the campuses of Alexandria, Annandale, and Woodbridge, members of PAC held fundraisers to provide relief for members of their communities in need.

The campaign, “Pucker Up for PAC” involved members of PAC creating and building kissing booths. Students then were able to purchase kisses (chocolate), flowers, and photos for their loved ones during the days leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Although the campaign was to run for three days, the snow had other plans for us all. In spite of this set back, PAC was able to raise a minimal donation that will help to purchase gloves, scarves, coats, and hats for children in need in the Alexandria and Fairfax communities.

Check out PAC and Pathway volunteers in action:

Volunteer Opportunity for WO and AL Pathway Students

dccklogoDC Central Kitchen – Nutrition Lab Volunteers

Help prepare nearly 4,000 healthy, scratch-cooked meals for DC schoolchildren and others in need of healthy meals.

Put on your chef hats and aprons…Chop, stir, whisk and prepare! No experience necessary the nice people at DC Central Kitchen will show you how.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

  • NOVA Van Departure from WO: 11:00am
  • NOVA Van Departure from AL: 11:45am
  • Work Day: 1pm – 3:30pm
  • Return to AL: 4pm
  • Return to WO: 5pm

Dress code
Due to health regulations, volunteers who do not follow this dress code will not be allowed to work in the Kitchen. Volunteers must wear:
- Long pants (no pajama pants and no spandex pants please)
- Closed-toed shoes (no sandals)
- Tank-tops are not allowed
- No exposed midriff
- No high heels

Sign up online early, spots fill up fast:


Feel free to contact Ericka Riggs with questions: