PD Opportunities for Faculty

  1.  Strut Your Stuff. Consider offering a presentation at the October 24 Fall Instructional Technology Summit. Proposals are due by September 22nd;
  2. Attend your discipline peer group conference. Upcoming peer groups for the fall include world languages; IST, science; nursing and allied health and physical education; English and ESL; and global studies/sociology;
  3. Apply for a VCCS Paul Lee Professional Development Grant.  Spring semester grant proposals are due by November 1. Here is a link to a video explaining the grants further, http://youtu.be/05KbXcfwJFc?t=5m;
  4. Apply for a Chancellor’s Innovation Fund award. Proposals are due by October 10;
  5. New Faculty (including adjunct) are welcome to the VCCS New Faculty Seminar, November 13-14;
  6. Apply for the Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence;
  7. Start thinking about New Horizons Excellence in Education Awards. See previous awards, http://nhweb.vccs.edu/;
  8. Apply for the Chancellor’s Commonwealth Professors Program;
  9. Apply for the Chancellor’s Faculty Fellowship award;
  10. Take a graduate course with tuition reimbursement. Contact HR for more information;
  11. Take a TOTAL workshop;
  12. Science Seminar, Sept 26, NOVA Annandale,  http://tinyurl.com/lcfe9ro;
  13. Take a free National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity webinar. September is “Overcoming Academic Perfectionism”;

Nan Peck
Faculty Coordinator
VCCS Northern Regional Center for Teaching Excellence

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VCCS Professional Development Grants

VCCS’s Office of Professional Development Offers Two Types of Grants

Here is a video presentation by members of the PDC grants committee from the New Horizons Conference, http://youtu.be/05KbXcfwJFc?t=5m

The VCCS Paul Lee Professional Development Grant

These grants are awarded based on the merit of the activity to be undertaken in such areas as discipline, instructional, workforce, career and organizational development. Faculty may apply individually or collaboratively for time and expenses. Maximum funding for time is eight credits. Most time is funded at four credits. Summer funding for Paul Lee Professional Development Grants is $2,500. The funds are paid as a stipend and shall not become part of the individual’s base salary.

The VCCS Paul Lee Workshop Mini-Grant

These grants are awarded to fund group activities such as day conferences, in-service activities and workshops, and must involve more than one college in scope, preparation and attendance. All VCCS employees are welcome to apply. A maximum of $1,500 is available per mini-grant. Workshop Mini-Grants provide funding for the development of employee group activities such as workshops, in-service activities, and conferences involving at least two or more VCCS colleges in the planning and implementation. Regional proposals, duplication of successful programs in other regions, and programs aligned to Achieve 2015 Take Two are encouraged. The VCCS Workshop Mini-Grant Program encourages projects in the following areas: discipline, instructional, workforce, career and organizational development.

Applications for spring semester are due November 1
Applications for summer session are due March 1
Applications for fall semester are due May 1

Feel free to contact your college’s Professional Development Committee member or contact Michael Dixon, coordinator of professional development, or Nancy Harris, specialist for professional development.

Your Professional Development Committee Reps
Camille Mustachio, GCC
Jose Nieves, LFCC
Marleen McCabe, NOVA

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TOTAL Workshops

NOVA’s Extended Learning Institute (ELI) announces its schedule of Topics in Online Teaching and Learning (TOTAL) workshops for the semester:

Start Date     Workshop Title     Length of Workshop
September 22     Using Best Practices in Online Teaching     4 weeks
    Designing Meaningful Discussion Activities     3 weeks
    VCCS Blackboard Basics     3 weeks
October 27     Establishing Social Presence     3 weeks
    Designing Rubrics and Providing Feedback     4 weeks
    VCCS Blackboard Basics     3 weeks


The TOTAL professional development workshops are intended for faculty who teach (or want to teach) blended and online courses. Each workshop focuses on a single topic, so you can build an individualized professional development plan by selecting only the workshops you need. We suggest taking one workshop at a time. All workshops are offered multiple times during the year. See the TOTAL project website for workshop descriptions.

The workshops are facilitated online in Blackboard and involve reading resource materials, completing assignments and interacting with colleagues. Each workshop requires about five hours of work each week. Assignments are due weekly (sometimes mid-weekly) and are graded. If you complete all assignments and achieve an 80 percent or higher average, you receive a Virginia Community College System (VCCS) certificate of completion.

Registration is now open via NOVA Academy and closes at noon on the Friday before the workshop start date. Search for VCCS TOTAL to see the list of workshops. Ignore the “classroom” delivery designation; the workshops are conducted online in Blackboard, which NOVA Academy does not recognize. Click on a workshop title to see the sections. Click on a section to enroll or manage your enrollment. See HR’s professional development page on the NOVA website for NOVA Academy login directions and a user guide.

For questions, contact Bob Loser at rloser@nvcc.edu.

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LFCC Professional Development for Sept 25

LFCC faculty have five PD offerings for Thursday, September 25:

Identity Theft, 12:30-1:25. Doug Shrier to present at Middletown Fairfax/VSB Board Room with Fauquier link in Paris Room.

Google Cloud, 12:30-1:25. Instructional Technology staff to present in Middletown Corron 205

New Faculty Roles, 1:30-2:25. Kim Blosser will present in Middletown SHP 139 with link at Fauquier Paris Room

What Happened in Vegas CAN’T Stay in Vegas, 1:30-2:25. Cheryl Brindle will present in Middletown Corron 109

A Desire to be Like Everyone Else? 1:30-2:25, Andrew Lowder will present on students with disabilities at Fauquier Modular 3

Registration is required.  Fall 2014 LFCC Professional Development Schedule with HL

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LFCC September PD – Sept 24

LFCC faculty have several great programs scheduled for Wednesday, September 24:

New Faculty Roles, 12:30-1:25 at Room SHP 139 Middletown and linked from Paris Room, Fauquier. Kim Blosser is presenting.

What Happened in Vegas CAN’T Stay in Vegas, 12:30-1:25, Fauquier Modular 3. Cheryl Brindle is presenting.

Financial Aid, 1:30-2:25, Middletown Corron/American Woodmark Conference and Fauquier Paris Room. Financial Aid staff to present.

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), 1:30-2:25 Middletown Corron 108. Karen Bucher to present.

Registration is required.  Fall 2014 LFCC Professional Development Schedule with HL

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Cognitive Science Seminar, Nov 26

All faculty, staff and students are cordially invited to a Science Seminar on Friday, September 26 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the CE Forum on NOVA’s Annandale Campus. NOVA Psychology Professor Ramezan Dowlati will present “Cognitive Science – 21st Century Minds: Evolution of the Mind and Human-Technology.“ Light refreshments and an opportunity to meet the speaker will be from 11:30 a.m. to 11:55 a.m.

The topics will include:

  • In regards to the development mental processes, what do recent discoveries reveal about cognition?
  • Does the human mind work the same way along its lifespan?
  • Does evolution apply to human mind and behavior?
  • What has shaped the current functions of human cognition and what can change its future?

Dowlati is a Loudoun Campus faculty member. He holds a doctorate in psychology from The George Washington University. His research interest is human cognition with a focus on cognitive development and human-technology interaction. He believes his curiosity stems from his long career as a teacher.

The event is presented by the Science Seminar Committee; Math, Science and Engineering Division and the Annandale Campus Lyceum.

Science Seminar: Cognitive Science – 21st Century Minds : http://tinyurl.com/lcfe9ro

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NOVA’s First Annual Impact Event, October 24

What: Ignite NOVA #1 – A Professional Development Event for all NOVA Faculty on Enlightened Teaching and Learning

When: Friday, October 24 from 12:30-3:00pm
Where: CE Forum, Annandale Campus, NOVA
More Info: http://ignitenova.nvcc.edu
Registration Form (direct link): https://www.nvcc.edu/faculty-and-staff/teaching-support/achievingdream/ignitenovasignup/

Open to First 100 NOVA Faculty Registrants. Lunch is provided.

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Teaching Professor Technology Conference

The Teaching Professor Technology Conference is October 10-12, 2014 in Denver, Colorado, http://www.facultyfocus.com/conferences/tech-conference/workshops/?ET=facultyfocus:e113:54368a:&st=email&campaign=FFA140912

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VA Society for Tech in Education

VSTE has put out a call for proposals, ending September 14, for their 29th annual Technology in Education Conference, December 7-8, 2014, at Virginia Beach.

If you play a role in using technology to support teaching and learning, you have a story to tell.

For more information go to http://www.vsteconference.org/call-for-proposals/

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Bias-Free Curriculum?

Do you think that it is possible to offer bias-free curriculum? Colleagues from Teaching Tolerance.org are striving to do just that. Teaching Tolerance is proud to announce the launch of Perspectives for a Diverse America—a K–12, literacy-based, anti-bias curriculum.

If you are looking for a PD opportunity for higher education, consider this!

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NOVA HR Offers Personal Skills Training

To be successful in working together, it is important to establish and maintain positive relationships.

Maintaining a Work/Life Balance, especially during the Holiday Season, can be a challenge. The Holiday Survival Guide and Holiday Budgeting workshops will help you build an action plan that will bring you “joy.”

HR’s Employee Assistance Program facilitators will present the workshops at three different campus locations, AL, MEC, and LO starting September 16th and ending October 30th.

To register, log in to NOVA Academy. In the search box, enter: NOVA-HR Respectful Workplace. Then choose campus location. For each workshop, use the search box, NOVA-HR title work shop.

These workshops are primarily for classified staff but faculty are welcome.

Marleen McCabe, Ph.D.
Associate Director Professional Development & Training
Northern Virginia Community College
Department of Human Resources
3926 Pender Drive, Suite 150
Fairfax, VA 22030
Tel 703-323-3050
Fax: 703-323-3155

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NOVA Faculty Promotions

Don’t fail to submit your request for review of credentials for promotion to your academic dean by October 31, 2014. Complete a form, NVCC 105-14 and submit this to your supervisor and to your campus HR business partner.

Michelle A. Marks
Associate Director Talent Management
Northern Virginia Community College
3926 Pender Drive, Suite 150
Fairfax, VA 22030-0974
703-764-5005 or 25005

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