Content Curation with

Content curation is a new concept for our information exploded society. It is the process of seeking through the vast information on the web and making sense of the information through organizing, sorting, and arranging. At the end, the author will need to share it with their community. The key is content curation is not about collecting links but putting them into a meaningful way with organization, annotation and presentation.

in today’s world, the skill of how to find, make sens and share content is critical skill, which helps us stay informed. Scoop.It is a terrific tool for people to discover, curate and publish content. Get a free account and check it out.

Office Mix

Use Office Mix to create interactive lessons that students can review at home, reserving class time for group discussions or focusing on the difficult material. Enhance your PowerPoint by inserting voice overs, add a movie/live website, or include a poll/quiz.

Please contact ISS for training.

Welcome back for a new semester

At the beginning of the Spring semester, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) hosts the Power Up Your Pedagogy (PUP) Conference. This conference is by faculty and for faculty. This year CETL presents the 10th Annual PUP!

This year, one of the keynote speakers Dr. José Antonio Bowen, the Author of Teaching Naked gave a fabulous speech. I can’t agree more on his ” College  is  about  preparing the  mind  for  the  unknown. Teach  Naked.  Change  a  Mind.”  Faculty should be a “cognitive coach” instead of professor, which customizing the teaching to meet different students’ needs by encouraging, assessing, guiding the students learning.  Here is the link to his handouts.  You might want to take a look at his website at:

This year, two faculty member and I teamed up and gave a very successful presentation at PUP.  Jennifer Sovine and Edward Zuniga are two faculty members who have integrated the iPads into their classroom use.  They have shared their experience and challenges.  We are looking forward to the more collaboration in the near future.

As always, Instructional Support Services are here to work with you, faculty and staff members. Please stop by our office or contact us as you need.

Time is money

timeismoney“You can’t get back time you’ve spent, but you can make decisions today that save you time tomorrow. ”

A Chrome extension called “Time is Money” displays the number of hours your would have to work in order to have enough money to purchase any product online.

How to get this extension:

  • Go to Chrome web store and find  “Time is Money
  • Install the extension on your Chrome by clicking Free button
  • An icon will display on your browser tool bar
  • When you view a product listed with a price, click that icon and the time information will be displayed next to the price.

This extension could be used for the business courses.

Week of the Technology – Block Poster

If you have created an infographic for your class, you might find it is hard to print it out for your students.  Or maybe you have a great poster that you want to print it out for your office but you don’t have access to printers that can handle poster-sized paper. Now, with Block Poster, you can use your standard letter-size printers to print out each section and put them together to make your own poster.  Sounds cool?

Please check it out this free and very easy web services for your posters.

Step 1: Upload your high quality image

Step 2: Slice your image at Block Poster site

Step 3: Download images and print them from your standard letter-size printer

Step 4: Put images together to make your own poster

Please check their website at:

Blackboard New Features after Upgrade

Here are a list of updated features that you may find helpful. Please feel free to contact ISS if you need more assistance.


Information graphics or inforgraphics is a popular way to present the information, data or knowledge by using the graphics. People believe data visualization will enhance the cognition. A lots of new easy-to-use tools have made the creation of infographics available.

This blog is worth to read on this topic:

This is the infographic created by Piktochart.