Professor Bob Bausch

Professor Bob Bausch presented a reading of his new book, Far as the Eye Can See, in the Woodbridge Library’s reading room on April 8th.  The event was part of the week-long Festival of the Arts and was well-attended by students and faculty.  Over 40 people attended, and many sat in overflow seating adjacent to the reading room just to hear.  The reading prompted several enthusiastic volleys of applause, and many participants now plan to read the book.  All of Professor Bausch’s books can be found in the library.  Until the end of the month, they will be in a special display in the library’s reading room.  Even though the books are on display, we invite you to check them out!  Drop by for some end-of-semester reading today.




National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month

Did you know that January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month?

Modern-day slavery is not just a worldwide problem, it’s a local issue as well.  According to The Washington Post “more than 250 victims of human trafficking and nearly 70 human trafficking suspects have been identified in Northern Virginia” just in the past year 1.

Come to the library to learn the telltale signs of human trafficking, how to get help, and how this crime affects millions.

1 Jouvenal, Justin. “More Than 250 Victims of Human Trafficking Identified in Northern Virginia in Past Year.” The Washington Post. N.p., 4 Oct. 2014. Web. 23 Jan. 2015.


What’s with the dam?

Well folks, looks like the Woodbridge Campus will be without a lake for several months.
A crack was discovered in the dam recently and the lake has been drained. Don’t worry about the fish, I’m sure they made it safe down to Neabsco Creek. Those who knew about the koi in the lake for years will never know for sure if they made it out or found a safe place in the little water left behind.

10922537_513179843238_5643736453168560208_nfrankly-my-dear-beavers-dam-build-frankly-demotivational-posters-1328590110Photo from- Motifake: The Original Demotivational Poster Community