Power House Luncheon Award

The Woodbridge Campus Library is proud to announce that the Student Government Association has recognized Karen Williams and Russell Grooms with the Power House Luncheon Award.  Student Government created the award in fall to honor faculty and staff who impact students’ experience on campus.  The award plaque cites our staff’s hard work and dedication to students, stating that we make a difference in students’ lives.  The award ceremony was well-attended by around thirty students and entailed the award presentation, lunch and a speech.  Agnes Nessie Badu-mensah, a student from Ghana, discussed lessons learned from her experiences in leadership roles and the nature of good leadership.  Student Government officers talked about their personal experiences with the library staff and the impact that made in their experience as students at the Woodbridge Campus.

Karen Williams (right) and Russell Grooms (left) accept their Power House Luncheon Awards.

Karen Williams (right) and Russell Grooms (left) accept their Power House Luncheon Awards.


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