Grand Opening

The building was completed and open for class on August 21, 2013, but the Grand Opening was held on September 12, 2013. Many local elected officials were present to cut the ribbon to the building along with the Chancellor of the Virginia Community College System, Glenn DuBois, and President of Northern Virginia Community College, Dr. Robert Templin. Many community and business representatives were also present including members of the NOVA board.

For more information on the Grand Opening click here.


Ribbon Cutting

Elected officials and college representatives cut the ribbon to the new building.

Grand Opening

Grand Opening

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Spring Update

The Woodbridge Arts & Sciences building is nearing completion and the students, faculty and staff are excited to starting using the new facilities. Fall classes have been scheduled in the building, and plans are in place to complete the preparation in time for start of the Fall 2013 semester on August 21st. Many areas  including the Natural Science & Mathematics division, and the library will be moving into the new building. The library has taken this opportunity to review the collection and modernize much of the content.

Here are some updated photos of the building:

Exterior View

Construction crews work on the outside of the building.


Interior view of the entrance to the building.



Finished hallway


Tiered Classroom

The tiered classroom nearing completion.


Hallway/Student Space

This hallway will have furniture that will make up a nice student study space.


Science Lab

One of the science labs nearing completion.


Library Circulation Desk

Library Circulation Desk



First Floor Cafeteria food line area



Constructions crews are currently working on a bridge that will connect the WAS building and the existing Seefeldt building. Pictures coming soon…




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Woodbridge Arts & Science Building

The campus submitted suggestions and then voted on them.  Woodbridge Arts & Science won! The name definitely encompasses the content of the building.

Progress is steadily being made to make the May completion date. The staff on campus is very busy with furniture orders, Fall class schedules and other preparations for the new building. The construction crews sealed the building earlier on and have drywalled most of the interior. The construction crews were also busy installing many of the environmental features including the reservoir for the geothermal heating/cooling system.

South view of the building

South view of the building





Blackbox Theatre

Blackbox Theatre


Bathroom with tile





Science Lab

Science Lab


Pictures courtesy of the Facilities Department and Whiting Turner

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Aerial Photos of the Phase III Construction

View from the lake side


South side of the building


Lake view

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Interior Photos

View from the second floor library onto the lake.




Blackbox Theater- 1st Floor


New Cafeteria area- 1st Floor


Another view of the Cafeteria- 1st Floor


New Library- 2nd Floor

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Fall Update

The Fall 2012 semester started last week and showed us here at the campus how desperately we need more space. It was good to hear that the Phase 3 building is on schedule to be completed by May 2013 with classes starting in the building Fall 2013.

Lake side view of the construction. A patio will be built outside as well.


South side view

This image shows the new loading dock space for the building. A wall will go up on the left to provide a better appearance to those driving by on College Drive.

We are hoping to get a walkway to adjoin the Phase 3 building and the existing Seefeldt building on the top floors.


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Campus Leadership Team Visits Construction Site


Earlier this year the campus leadership team took a tour of the construction site to see the project and walk the floor plan. Meetings are underway to plan and order the furniture and equipment that will be going in the new building.



First floor: Art and drawing studios will be in this space.



Team members look towards the cyber cafe and computer lab space.


Team members review floor plans near what will be a Blackbox Theatre


Scheduled open date: Fall 2013

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Steelwork Begins

The construction crews started on the steelwork and have been laying the decking on the different floors.  As you can see in the pictures, a lot of work has been done on the stairwells and retaining walls.

Photos courtesy of the Facilities Department

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The construction crews began pouring the concrete slabs for the foundation as well as constructing some of the walls.



Photos courtesy of the Facilities Department

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Building Footprint

The construction crews are working on the retaining wall closest to the Seefeldt building, and have been doing some steelwork and pouring concrete.



The construction crews have also begun work on the foundation. Work has been done to lay gravel, column footings, and  sewer pipe installation.  The outline and footprint of the building is being formed.



Pictures courtesy of the Facilities Department


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