Tips To Be Successful At NOVA!

1. Attend Orientation: Do not try to skip orientation.  Be prepared and take your placement exam before you attend.  This is the best opportunity to have your questions answered before registering.  You will also have the opportunity to meet your First Year (GPS) Advisor, register for classes, and discuss a plan to complete your degree one time.

2. Identify sources: Know the campus resources that are available to you before you need them.

3. Start early: Whether it is assignments, registering, visiting with an advisor, or visiting the academic assistance center, go early. Don’t wait until the last week of classes or before the final exam to seek assistance if needed.  Research shows that students who start early are more successful than students who don’t.

4. Take the course: Take the required SDV 100/101 college success course as one of your first course, just take it.  They are one of the strongest support services a student can have.

5. Get Involved on Campus: Join a club/organization and form contacts with peers. Again, research demonstrates that being engaged with others is a strong predictor of success.

6. Talk to  your professors: Instructors aren’t scary and they enjoy visiting with students. Faculty are more likely to help students who are struggling when they have formed a relationship with them.

7. Appreciate feedback: Remember that feedback, even negative feedback, is an opportunity.

If you have completed your placement exam, you can sign up here for Orientation: