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MTT Program

The MASTER Math Lab at the Alexandria Campus of Northern Virginia Community College serves primarily as the place for students enrolled in MTT (developmental math) courses to work on homework, take quizzes and tests, and get help as needed from instructors and tutors. For MTT courses, the staff can help with all material but quizzes and tests. The Lab lends out calculators for students as needed while working in the Lab.

Credits for developmental math do not count toward graduation, but if you do not place into a college-level course, MTT math is a prerequisite for all other math courses.

The MTT units, as well as a description of BSK1 (pre-MTT), are described here:


Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4

Unit 5

Unit 6

Unit 7

Unit 8

Unit 9

Credit courses

Students enrolled in credit courses are welcome to come to the Math Lab for tutoring or to borrow textbooks or calculators (to be used only in the lab).  Students are welcome anytime the Math Lab is open. The Math Lab staff can help with textbook problems; assignments, quizzes, and tests that have been graded; worksheets with answers provided; and assignments for which your instructor has given the Lab staff permission to work with you. The staff cannot work with you on assignments outside the textbook for which no answers are provided unless your instructor has given us permission.

Retired editions of textbooks, as well as some other reference books, are available for 3-week loans.

Placement Test Prep

  • There is an online practice test here. This practice test covers both developmental and credit-level material.
  • There is a PDF practice test in four pieces:
  • There are practice questions and answers here to the Virginia Placement Test. These questions cover the same material as the developmental sections of the online placement test, but the style of the questions is different. Full solutions are available in a textbook format that the Lab lends out similar to the library-style for 3 weeks at a time. (Come in and request it.) This practice test covers developmental material only.