The General Motors Automotive Service Educational Program or GMASEP is a structured, two-year auto training program that           provides students with classroom instruction as well as practical, hands-on learning.

GMASEP is a collaboration between General Motors, local GM-     affiliated dealerships, and Northern Virginia Community College. Students spend half of the semester in the classroom and the other half working at their sponsoring dealership.

It is the perfect opportunity for students to receive hands on         training, gain a reputation, and earn money while going to school.

At the end of the two years (five semesters), students earn an             associate’s degree and 80% of the requirements needed to be         certified GM technicians. Many continue working at the dealerships after they graduate.

View the GMASEP Program Booklet

Getting Started

Anyone interested in GMASEP should review and complete the     following steps to apply to the program. If candidates are admitted into the program, they will then be required to find a sponsoring dealership that is willing to employ the candidates for the duration of the program. A sponsor must be obtained no later than the first day of class. Students unable to find a sponsor by the deadline will not be permitted to continue in GMASEP.

There are a limited number of applicants that can be accepted so act quickly!  We continually accept applications.

  • Submit the ASEP Application Form by following the instructions at the bottom of the form.
  • Submit a copy of your driving record.  If you are a Virginia                 resident, you can request it online here or by going to a DMV     location. This helps to assess your employment options.
  • Apply for admission to NOVA.  It’s a simple, free, no obligation     online form.
  • Take the GM ASEP aptitude test.  Plan at least 1 ½ hours to         complete.
  • Take the English and math placement tests.  Plan at least 2 hours per test to complete.
  • Schedule an Interview.  Contact Mr. Jack Wynn to schedule an   interview or anytime during the application process to talk about the program and tour our facilities.  Contact information below.
  • Obtain a sponsor

For any questions or assistance, contact the GM ASEP Coordinator, Jack Wynn at 703.845.4623 by phone or at by       e-mail. You may also contact Keith Brown at 703.845.4623 by phone or at by e-mail.


After students are officially accepted into the program, they begin the process of finding a sponsor. Sponsorship is a paid                             apprenticeship with the anticipation that you will enjoy working for that employer who invested in your training for many years to come. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain his or her own       sponsor, but we do assist with resume editing, interview                   preparation, and finding job opportunities.

Once sponsored, students are expected to maintain a professional, humble attitude toward their employers and respect the                     opportunity they are given. This professional attitude will help         advance the student at a faster rate and build a positive reputation in this highly connected industry.


Because of the support we receive from General Motors and             Northern Virginia Community College, the cost for the GMASEP       automotive program is significantly less than other technical           colleges. Students will need to pay normal tuition rates, as well as the cost of books and tools. Students should expect to purchase their own set of automotive tools to be kept at their job, which is       estimated to be as much as $2,500 in their first semester. Students receive significant tool discounts from Snap On and Matco while they are enrolled in the program.

All students are encouraged to apply for financial aid as soon as       possible and payment is due on the day of registration and                orientation. Students are encouraged to pay particular attention to application deadlines. More information on financial aid can be found here.

Payment plans are also available. More information on payment types and plans can be found here.


Click for a list of courses GMASEP students are required to take as they work towards their associate of applied science degree.

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