Welcome to the Alexandria Campus Chemistry Department

Chemistry touches almost every aspect of our daily lives, from nutrition and pharmaceuticals to energy and the environment. Learn more about the world around you by enrolling in a chemistry class at the Alexandria Campus!

Chemistry is known as the central science – many majors and professions require a foundation in chemistry. Programs of study that require chemistry include: nursing, medicine, pharmacy, physical therapy, dentistry, nutrition, biology, environmental science and engineering.

At the Alexandria campus, we have a student focused chemistry program. Full time faculty offer help sessions that are open to any student at the campus. We collect useful lecture videos, demonstration videos, and online interactives on our website. We are also very conscious of student budgets: we use less expensive textbooks and our lab manuals are downloadable free online.

We offer day, evening and weekend classes in chemistry. General Chemistry (CHM101) as an introductory course for non-science majors and those transferring to the NOVA nursing program. College Chemistry I &II (CHM111-112) is a transfer course for science and engineering majors, and for BSN/PA students. We also teach Organic Chemistry (CHM241-242) and an introductory Biochemistry course (CHM 260). Find out more about prereqs and what courses to take for your major on our Course Description page. Our labs are designed to complement and reinforce the lecture material in our courses. Our laboratories are well equipped; we currently use NMR, FTIR, GC, GC-MS and UV-VIS instruments in our labs.