Alexandria Campus Honors Scholarships & Awards

Exxon Mobil Scholarship

 This scholarship is offered in both the spring and fall semester.  Scholarship amounts vary each year.  The recipient receives an an award in the form of a check to be used at their discretion.   The campus Exxon Mobil Scholarship committee selects the winner based on essay submission and GPA.  Application forms are on the Honors Program bulletin board (green board, in the hallway approximately across from AA241).  Applications are due Friday, March 1, 2013 by 5:00 p.m.

Questions?  Contact Marjorie Kinnaman.


Alexandria Campus Honors Scholars

Honors Scholars are nominated and selected by the Alexandria Campus Honors Committee each fall semester.  Scholars are selected based on the number of Honors courses taken on the Alexandria Campus and their cumulative Honor Course GPA.   Nominees must be in the Honors Program on the Alexandria Campus (attempting to complete the required 18-21 credit of the core curriculum).   The number of Honors Scholars selected varies.  Scholars receive the funds for one 3 credit course  (in state tuition amount only) directly deposited into their student account by early January.  Students are expected to use the fund to register for an Honors course on the Alexandria Campus in the spring semester.