This semester, juries will be in person unless you have made other arrangements with your private teacher.  Please contact Jacob Garbus for jury information.  jgarbus@nvcc.edu

Jury Guidelines

General Rules for Success

  1. Treat your jury like a college audition or job interview
  2. Please wear “concert” or “business” attire:
    1. Men: Dress shirt, dress pant, dress shoes, and tie (Coat optional)
    2. Women: Long dress, skirt, or pant suit
  3. Instrumentalists should be prepared to perform:
    1. Scales/Arpeggios (from memory)
    2. Etude
    3. Solo Repertoire
    4. Orchestral Excerpts (if applicable)
  4. Jazz Majors should be prepared to perform:
    1. Scales/Arpeggios (from memory)
    2. Prepared solo transcription or etude
    3. Three jazz standards including:
      1. Melody from memory with appropriate style
      2. Improvisation (2 choruses)

What to do the day of your jury:

  1. Please arrive early to warm-up
  2. Please provide three (3) copies of the scores to your music for the music faculty
  3. Please print three (3) copies of the appropriate jury form and fill out the information at the top including repertoire studied this semester.

Click here to download the jury forms: NOVA Jury Forms

JuryForms – percussion JuryForms – piano-harp (1) Composition Jury Form (fill-able) JuryForms – Winds-strings-brass (3) JuryForms – Winds-strings-brass (2)