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Student Spotlight: Samuel George William Guyidde-Bisase

Samuel George William Guyidde-Bisase


samuel pictureMy name is Samuel George William Guyidde-Bisase and I am a sophomore at Northern Virginia Community College; I am the former Vice-President of the Student Government Association (2012-2013), President of the Debate Club, and Member of the College Forensics and Soccer teams.

Born in Fairfax, Virginia, to Ugandan-American parents, I am the son to Esther Naluwemba Kagulu a nurse and the late Andrew Ssentongo Bisase (R.I.P), a businessman and an entertainer. I have studied from the United States and Uganda throughout my education life. After my father died in 1994, I went to Uganda aged 5, to learn the culture of my forefathers and be raised with help from my relatives (It does take a village to raise a child) and graduated High school in December 2010. I am co-captain of the Northern Virginia community College Soccer team and captain of the college forensics team. (GO NOVA! GO GREEN AND GOLD!)

I was elected by a majority of students during a record breaking voter turnout year. I was able to rally students around an innovative and creative platform. I believe in fostering a Transparent, Capitalistic and entrepreneurial-like mentality to Student Government in order to be more effective in reaching out to all students

Over my year in Student Government, I made sure I fought for the students on every account. I increased outreach of the SGA to numerous student organizations, expanded the outreach from Alexandria City Border lines in order to exchange and enhance our ideas and brand. I focused my efforts on reforming the process in the Senate in order to make it more effective in serving the Student Body; by introducing “Robert’s Rules of Order” to the process. Also, in order to serve the students more effectively, I sent student senators to the Campus Council, Academic Divisions, College Wide Senate, a couple of Leadership Conferences, and the General Assembly in Richmond in order for the student voice to always have a say in any of the executive decisions. Currently I am the President of The NOVA Debators, a club aimed at enhancing critical dialogue through argument in our society while discussing a diversity of issues that boil us up in the past, present and future day.

I believe in the notion that the world is his oyster and the sky’s the limit, and that is why I am a proud member of numerous clubs and societies at the Alexandria campus, a diverse athlete (Soccer, Basketball, Track & Field, Volleyball and many others) and a public speaker. I try to enhance my abilities in all aspects of life, because I am fueled by the Martin Luther King’s quotation; “Whatever your life’s work is, do it well. A man should do his job so well that the living, the dead and the unborn could do it no better.”

I already have an Associate’s degree in General Studies and a Certificate in Architectural Drafting, and I am pursuing degrees in Architecture, Law and Political Science.

I am 20, a first generation American who speaks English, French, Swahili and Luganda, very interested in Entertainment, Politics and Sports, and hope with the success I achieve to help the society in Uganda with the  education I attain to improve and enhance their standards of living, from education to their way of life.