Electric Field Mapping

Field Boards: The  2 images below are samples of the boards used for the Electric Field Mapping Lab.

A common recommendation for completing this lab is to measure every “+” mark on the 5 red lines and use those readings to estimate the equal potential lines. *note the 5 lines were added to the picture and don’t show on the boards themselves.

Individual instructors may have varying preferred techniques to gathering the data.

Power Supplies: The next two pictures are the 2 low voltage power supplies that should be used for this lab. Use either of these by plugging directly from the circled ports to the to the board directly.

Make sure all voltage and current knobs are turned all the way down before turning the power supply on.

Multimeters: The image below shows a multimeter. For this lab we will measure DC volts, so we will need to turn the dial of the multimeter to the 20V DC section (the location and markings for this varies by brand of multimeter.)

We will then have one black ban-ban wire run from the black “com” port to the black negative port on the board. The other wire we need will be a red ban-ban which will plug into the red voltage port on the multimeter and the other end of it will be our probe.

During the experiment we touch the probe a point and read the voltage at that position then mark it on our map.