Kirchhoff’s Law


One circuit board, one resistor pack, 3 red ban-ban wires, 3 black ban-ban wires, some jumper wires, 1 multimeter, and 4 ban-aligator clip adapters should be available on a cart or table in the front of the lab. Power supply are at each station.


The image below shows a basic diagram of the lab for Kirchhoff’s Law. The image below that shows the basin set up for that circuit. On the right we see 2 ban-ban wires running from the power supply. On the left we see 2 alligator clips running to the terminals on a 6V battery.

Alternately the experiment can be done using the 1.5V battery built into the circuit board shown via a jumper wire. The circuit can also be done with the other style circuit board discussed in the Ohm’s Law lab.

We will also need to set up a multimeter to read DC volts and certain points and DC amps at others, so switching setups on the multimeter and interrupting the circuit to add the ammeter may be necessary to obtain all necessary data.