App of the Week: Brainscape

By Bold Learning Solutions, Inc.Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 1.07.28 PMBrainscape is a web and mobile education platform that helps you or your students learn efficiently using stored content or the feature to “create your own flashcards.”


  • Brainscape is available on both the iPhone and iPad allowing you to “create your own flashcards” and use other media content already stored in Brainscape.  
  • Brainscape allows a user to create multimedia flashcards easily on their website AND within the app itself.  Student can then share decks of the flashcards with classmates and collaboratively develop content…together.
  • There is a a library of useful knowledge that students can study right from the get-go for free on Brainscape. If the free content is not useful, then for a small fee you can have access to premium content that may better serve your educational needs.
  • Teachers and Instructors can create and share flashcards with their students and have the opportunity to track student progress as they study via the web or mobile device.

Price: Free

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