App of the Week: Subtext

Subtext is a FREE app that allows you to engage your students in any PDF, article, or eBook.  Subtext is a digital reading program that has many features like sharing content and differentiating instruction easily by creating private groups.  You an embed discussion quickly into the text you are reading so students can be further engaged in the content.  Subtext allows you to double-tap a page which will force all of your students onto the same page instantly.  There is also a feature with Subtext that allows you to paste annotations into Google Docs.

Subtext allows for students at any level by encouraging them to analyze what have read, develop their own thoughts and make a connection between the text they are reading and the larger picture.  Using Subtext, your students can further engage in their learning, digitally from anywhere, without having to carry around large and sometimes cumbersome books.


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