App of the Week – Veescope Live

Always wanted to make your very own Green Screen Productions?  Well then Veescope is the app for you!  There are two versions of Veescope for you to choose from.  One is the free version which I used in THIS EXAMPLE which, as you can see, has the Veescope watermark.  Now if you want to remove the watermark and get some extra features it’s $4.99.

Now what makes Veescope special in the world of green screen apps.  While you are recording, Veescope actually plays what you want on your green screen!  Most of the time you can only record yourself with a green background and then add in your animations, slide shows, etc.  Then you have to just cross your fingers that you can get it all to sync up the way you want it to.  This app is available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store!