App of the Week: eduClipper

Clip anything. Share everything!

by Patricia Cooper



Educlipper is a tool that allows teachers and students to collect, organize and share content all in one location. It’s been referred to the “Pinterest of Education” because you can create digital bulletin boards of useful links, articles, and images. You can even upload and share original documents and files. You can follow other eduClips and people can follow you. The eduClipper app is designed for the iPhone and iPad but it’s also web-based. However, the app version has some neat features like allowing you to annotate your clips.
This awesome organizational tool will help you cut down cut down on the amount of time your spend searching for great content. All you have to do is type in the subject and see what other educators and students have shared. Another great feature of this tool is the ability to clip parts of an article or webpage. You don’t have to save the entire page. For example, if you just want a particular info graphic that is part of an article, you could just use the scissor tool and clip the image and save it to your board. It’s as simple as that.
You can cross-post your educlips to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
It’s real easy to use and best of all it’s free.
Be careful. Just like their tag line says. You can spend hours upon hours clipping anything and sharing everything!

App of the Week: PixiClip



Have you shied away from creating a screencast to use in your classroom because you think it’s too difficult or time consuming? Well, I have a tool that makes creating a screencast as easy and 1, 2, 3.
It’s called PixiClip. It is an interactive whiteboard that allows you draw, type, upload images and narrate your screen with just a click of a button. You can even insert a video of yourself right into the project.
PixiClip has a very simplistic interface. The tools are limited to a pen, a text box, a marker and only 5 colors to choose from. This helps keep you and your students from getting overwhelmed with too many buttons and gadgets.
Here are some key features:
• PixiClip is compatibility with all browsers
• PixiClip is available for Chromebook users. (not all screencast tools are)
• PixiClip allows you to upload images and annotate them.
• PixiClip recordings can be shared on Facebook, twitter, and email.
• PixiClip is a web 2.0 tool and an app.
• PixiClip is Free.

App of the Week: Green Screen Movie FX

The Green Screen Movie FX app


Greenscreen FX


Do you want to take your video projects to another level, say by, adding a marching T-Rex in the background? You can do that with the Green Screen Movie FX app.



This app has some really cool special effects. For example, there are explosions, fireworks, and different weather scenes just to name a few. Or you can create your own FX special effects and upload them into your movie file.

This app will be a wonderful companion to use with our state of the art multimedia/green screen room located in room 337 in the Bisdorf building.

Green Screen lets you create special movie effects and instantly share and show off your video creations on Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter, email and others.

If you are ready to make a “Hollywood” style movie clip for your next class project, grab your iPad or iPhone and start creating.

Cost: $2.99

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad




App of the Week: Storehouse

App of the Week: Storehouse/ Visual Storytelling


IPads and iPhones are here to stay. Educational intuitions, both k-12 and higher Ed., are still grappling with ways to incorporate them into curriculum.
One of the best ways is to do this is to encourage students to use these smart technologies to create visual content. And they want to do it!

Recently, the TILT team presented “presentation alternatives” to a paralegal class. The professor was adamant that students not use PowerPoint for their final project. We were blown away by the outstanding presentations that they created using iMovie, PowToon and Emaze.

I have come across yet another free visual story telling app called Storehouse that is very simple to use. Storehouse allows you to create and publish your own stories using text, images, and video right from your iPad or iPhone. Here are a few of the features:
• Easy to import photo and videos from your camera roll, Instagram, and Flickr
• Created with  non-designers in mind
• Choose from different templates
• Insert links into your story
• Share your stories on social media
• Embed stories on your blog
• Explore stories created by a diverse community of storytellers from all around the world
Cost: Free
The Storehouse App was voted the 2014 Apple Design Award

App of the Week: iTunes U



iTunes U

iTunes U app

As a professor, have you ever considered sharing your lectures worldwide? Or as a student, have you ever wanted to take a class at Yale or Stanford but unfortunately, you were not accepted at these universities? There is an app that you will let you do just that. It’s called iTunes U.

What do you get from the iTunes U app:
*Access to courses from more than 1000 colleges and universities around the world, including Yale, Stanford, MIT, and Oxford.
* Access to the world’s largest digital catalog of free education content.
*You can create and distribute your own courses and distribute them on iTunes.
* Used on your iPad or iPhone
Cost: Unlike the 99 cent charge for songs on iTunes, iTunes U is free.
I’m am very excited about the iTunes U app. I have already downloaded a course from the National Theater on play writing. I  can’t wait to learn from the leading playwrights who are participating in this course.

For more information, check out these websites:


App of the week – Magisto

If you are staying away from using your smart devices to create movies because you think the process takes too long or is too difficult, then let me introduce you to Magisto. Magisto is an app that will use your video clips or photos to create movies, complete with music and effects, “automatically”. I highlight the word automatically because it only takes 3 simple steps to create a movie:

  1. Choose your videos
  2. Select a theme
  3. Add music

Magisto does all the work for you. No editing skills are required. This is a great tool to use for class projects by amateurs who want to create professional looking presentations but who find other editing tools too complicated. Magisto works on both Apple and Android devices and it’s free.


2014 Year in Review: Tech Tool of the Year

The Instructional Support and Development team  (IS & D) shared a lot of awesome tech tools this year with students and faculty.  There were apps to help you to organize your classwork, to collaborate with others, and to create awesome projects and presentations.

Here is a list of the top Tech Tools for 2014:

1. Google drive was voted the #1 app of the year by the IS&D staff.



Google Drive is an one stop shop for everything in your life. It is a cloud storage service that allows you to store pictures, documents, video, and more online. The cool thing about Google Drive is that you can see your stuff anywhere.  Your drive can  be accessed from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Where you go, your files go with you. What makes this an awesome tool for educators and students is that you can invite other to view, download and collaborate on your files. This makes working on projects so easy and here at NOVA, we get unlimited space!

2. One Drive


Coming in at #2 is One Drive. One drive is Microsoft’s storage option. Just like Google Drive, you can save your documents, photos, and video in one place. You can access your drive on any Windows PC or mobile device. The biggest benefit is that it works closely with  the Microsoft Office Suite tools such as Word and PowerPoint.


In 3rd place, we have tie between Camtasia and iMovie.


Camtasia is a tech tool that allows you to create video tutorials and presentations of items on your computer screen. It’s more than a movie making tool because you can import assessments and mash up other interactive programs like Tellagmi. Camtasia can be used on both the Mac and the PC. As a professor you can use Camtasia to break down concepts into  easy to follow tutorials for your classes. Students can use Camtasia to create unique presentations.

iMovie is a video editing software application sold by Apple.  iMovie is awesome tool for turning your video clips into movies. iMovie is only available on the Mac and other iOs devices. The iMovie app is especially nice because you can shoot video with your iphone and then immediately create a movie and share with your students, friends or family.  Students used iMovie to make short films for a cellular cellphone competition as part of this year’s International Education Week. This was the first time many students had used iMovie and it was so simple. Some of the projects were very impressive.  I hope we use this contest in future NOVA events.

If you want to check out  other apps that have been reviewed by the IS&D team, check out our blog:

Sty tuned for more Tech Tools in 2015.










App of the Week: Coding


Just don’t consume things. Create things.”

President Obama


The buzzword this week is “Coding”. What exactly is coding? Coding is used to create apps, computer games, and websites. Does it sound too complicated? It doesn’t have to be. It actually can be a lot of fun and children as young as five can learn how to code with easy to learn coding apps and web tools.

In celebration of Computer Education Week, December 8-14, an organization called, Hour of Code, is challenging everyone to spend just one hour learning how to create something with code. This event was kicked off at the White house, where a group of middle students from Newark, NJ showed President Obama how to code.

Ready to get started? Visit the Hour of code website to try your hand at coding. They offer a lot of free tutorials and resources to get you started.

Here are other fun web tools that you can use to create apps and games:

MITT App Inventor for Androids


Platform: Web

Cost: Free

Allows you to design and program apps for your Android devices.

*Note: You will need to download the App Inventor Companion App to run your game on your Android device.



Platform: Web

Cost: Free!

Scratch is one of the first programming languages created. Students use a visual programming language made up of bricks to design games and activities.




Platform: Web

Cost: Free!

Similar to Scratch but was built to teach programming for kids. This app features lesson plans and other tools to teach your students how to code.






App of the Week: Pocket

How many tabs do you have open on your computer right now? If you are like most people who surf the net for articles, you click on one link and then another one and then another. You get the picture.  Sometimes you come across information or an article but you just don’t have time to read it.  Then later, when you need it, you have to start the search all over again.

There is an app that can help you. It’s called The Pocket. It allows you to store and curate articles, images and even tweets to use later on with or without Wi-Fi. You can store video but you will need Wi-Fi in order to watch it. Think of it as your personal “Pinterest”.

The Pocket:

  • It’s free
  • Works with other apps such as, Twitter, Flip board, Pulse
  • You can view your Pocket on iPhone, iPad, or Android devices
  • Saved articles are freed from clutter and advertisement.
  • Readers can adjust font sizes.
  • You can read articles without Wi-Fi connection 


pocket image



App of the Week: SimpleMind

Are you planning to participate in the Cell Phone Cinema contest that’s part of International Educational Week? Are you having a hard time mapping out your idea for your movie?

I have an app that will help you get your thoughts organize.

It’s called SimpleMind. This app is a great for brainstorming and its very “SIMPLE” to use, no pun intended. It can be used on an iPad, iPhone or iPod.

The key feature of this app is the ease at which you can just jot down your ideas.  If you are like me, when your ideas start flowing, you just want to get them down on paper. With just a tap of your finger, you can type out your ideas and the app will automatically group them into an easy to follow color chart for you to follow when you are ready to write your script. This app can also be used to help organize your term papers, essays and book reports.

Cost: Free

Upgrade: $29.99

Key Features include:

  • Easy to drag, arrange and edit topics
  • Tap with one finger to expand or connect ideas
  • Unlimited size- make your map as large as necessary
  • Undo/redo in the editor
  • Copy and paste between mind maps
  • Select a color scheme that works for you

simplemind image

An Example:

film organizer