App of the Week: Snapseed

1Do you like to customize your snaps before uploading them to your blog, facebook or sending to your friends? Do you like to edit the clicked images with your own ideas? Snapsee – a photo editing tool for retouching, adjusting perspective, re-editing, and more, a good app for those who love to work on photos.

• Tune image – It can uniquely adapt to colors and fine tune brightness, saturation, contrast, and more by using auto adjust for instant fixes, and Ambience to create depth and vibrancy
• Details -It can help to make a photo’s subject pop by enhancing details with traditional sharpening or the unique Structure control
• Crop – it can crop images to standard aspect ratios or free crop
• Rotate – It can easily rotate 90°, straighten or free rotate
• Transform – It can adjust perspective across vertical and horizontal axes, then fill in empty areas after rotation
• Brush – It can selectively apply effects to regions of an image
• Healing – It can remove dust and dirt from the image without leaving a trace


Link: {Apple} {Android}

App of the Week: Periscope

Imagine seeing the world from a different perspective?  Imagine being able to connect with people from around the world, seeing and hearing new things, all from a mobile device.

Periscope is the app that can connect users from all over the world, instantly.  Periscope is FREE and is available on both the iTunes App Store and the Google Play store.

Periscope was designed by Twitter, so it’s easy to use for anyone who already has a Twitter account.  It allows users to follow the same people they follow on Twitter, and will send you a push notification when one of your connections goes ‘live’ on Periscope.  Once a ‘broadcast’ has ended, it be replayed for up to 24 hours after the event was live.  Periscope allows users to host private broadcasts as well (attendees must be followers and invited to join), and any link to a ‘live’ broadcast is easily tweeted out with click of a button.  From a mobile device, you can touch your screen when in a broadcast to let the host know how much you like it.  Broadcasts can be ranked based on the amount of hearts it receives, known as the “most loved” list.

Share an experience, whether it is educational, personal, or professional, with the Periscope app.  Others can join in to listen and watch, and share in the experience.

Users may also connect through their computer, but will be unable to connect with the conversation or hearts features of the mobile Periscope app.

Show the world YOUR perspective and watch from others, and start using the Periscope app now!


Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 2.55.48 PM

App of the Week: is an online education company offering thousands of video courses in software, creative, and business skills. The app, free, allows you to watch expert-taught courses in photography, graphic design, business training, web and interactive design, 3D animation, audio, and much more.

• Access to course videos, which are indexed by subject and software
• Stream course videos directly to TV sets
• Share course videos across social network apps
• Download full course videos for viewing them offline

Price: FREE

Link: {Apple}

App of the Week: PixiClip



Have you shied away from creating a screencast to use in your classroom because you think it’s too difficult or time consuming? Well, I have a tool that makes creating a screencast as easy and 1, 2, 3.
It’s called PixiClip. It is an interactive whiteboard that allows you draw, type, upload images and narrate your screen with just a click of a button. You can even insert a video of yourself right into the project.
PixiClip has a very simplistic interface. The tools are limited to a pen, a text box, a marker and only 5 colors to choose from. This helps keep you and your students from getting overwhelmed with too many buttons and gadgets.
Here are some key features:
• PixiClip is compatibility with all browsers
• PixiClip is available for Chromebook users. (not all screencast tools are)
• PixiClip allows you to upload images and annotate them.
• PixiClip recordings can be shared on Facebook, twitter, and email.
• PixiClip is a web 2.0 tool and an app.
• PixiClip is Free.

App of the Week: Padlet

Before you go crazy and say “Padlet is not an app, it’s a web tool,” I am here to tell you that YES, in fact Padlet has finally (for those users like myself and others who use it often) developed an iPad app.

For those of you who have never used Padlet, let me tell you why the app should be the next download you make: Padlet is a virtual “tabula rosa”, where users can put whatever they want on it. From images, to links, to embedded YouTube clips, to documents, to simple posts, Padlet is an all around collaborative experience.  Use Padlet in the classroom to brainstorm, to bookmark and share resources, as a platform for student portfolios, or even as a backchannel during in class activities and discussions.

Padlet is versatile, flexible, and easy to use (for teachers, students, and parents.) Imagine Padlet being a virtual bulletin board that you can share with parents during a ‘back to school night’ showcasing student work.  Whether in the same place, or in different areas, users on Padlet can connect and use it from just about anywhere, anytime.  Padlet also offers educators security features such as limiting who can view or post onto the ‘wall’, even allowing the instructor to view posts prior to them being uploaded to the wall.

Padlet is a great learning tool that is now both a web tool and an iPad app.  Get started using this FREE app and change the way you and your students collaborate and connect!

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 9.48.43 AM

App of the Week: Realtimeboard for Education

As educators we get interested in taking the tools we have in the classroom and making them mobile.  Probably the most difficult tool to take from the classroom to a mobile device is the whiteboard. Realtimeboard for Educators is the tool that does that.  There is a FREE version with limited capabilities, and pay versions that offer more options. But here is the huge plus: It has a FREE EDU version you can apply for!
So what is Realtimeboard for Educators and what are its features?

Realtimeboard for Educators is a Chrome Web Store app that works with Google Drive.  It is a simple collaborative digital whiteboard tool that you can use from a mobile device or computer.  Easily share “the big picture”, full of images, documents, PDFs and more, creating a one stop shop for your students.  It works seamlessly with Google Drive and our NOVA “Schoogle” account, so all of your files can be easily integrated.

How can I use Realtimeboard for Educators?

Teach and share on the web.  Use it to connect with student groups for a project assignment.  Better yet, suggest that your students use it when they collaborate on projects or work in your course.  With Realtimeboard for Educators, you can give feedback and provide comments on student work easily, and see all of the updates in real-time!

Add it to your Chrome Browser and set your students’ learning FREE!

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App of the Week: WeLearnedIt


WeLearnedIt is project based learning platform where teachers can create and share content and assignments with their classes.  Students can complete given assignments/projects and upload on the same platform.  In exchange, students can track their progress and receive feedback from  teachers, students, or peers. Each student would have a digital portfolio on this platform to track and showcase their work.  WeLearnedIt also provides useful analytics and data to drive instruction.

To learn more about WeLearnedIt, go to:

The WeLearn.It app is available on iTunes.  To download, go to:



App of the Week: Storehouse

App of the Week: Storehouse/ Visual Storytelling


IPads and iPhones are here to stay. Educational intuitions, both k-12 and higher Ed., are still grappling with ways to incorporate them into curriculum.
One of the best ways is to do this is to encourage students to use these smart technologies to create visual content. And they want to do it!

Recently, the TILT team presented “presentation alternatives” to a paralegal class. The professor was adamant that students not use PowerPoint for their final project. We were blown away by the outstanding presentations that they created using iMovie, PowToon and Emaze.

I have come across yet another free visual story telling app called Storehouse that is very simple to use. Storehouse allows you to create and publish your own stories using text, images, and video right from your iPad or iPhone. Here are a few of the features:
• Easy to import photo and videos from your camera roll, Instagram, and Flickr
• Created with  non-designers in mind
• Choose from different templates
• Insert links into your story
• Share your stories on social media
• Embed stories on your blog
• Explore stories created by a diverse community of storytellers from all around the world
Cost: Free
The Storehouse App was voted the 2014 Apple Design Award

App of the Week: ExitTicket

We can all agree that assessment drives education.  Whether that is informal, formative, or standardized, assessment is a tool used to measure just how well your students are learning the content.  So why not use assessment as a resources to impact your instruction and their learning?

Then you should check out the Chrome Web Store app called ExitTicket.

The basic account is FREE (there are pricing options for a premium teacher account and even a school or district account) and as the tag line suggests, it “empowers personalized learning through just in-time data.” ExitTicket works on ANY device (tablet, iPad, PC, Mac, Chromebook) and was designed by teachers.  ExitTicket allows you to see “performance & progression metrics” for the individuals students or as a class in real time.  Those metrics can be stored and used as long term data to view the academic progress of your students throughout the year or semester.

ExitTicket is a “student response system with one simple goal: Accelerate student achievement.”

Use ExitTicket now and begin to see the impact it will have on assessment, instruction, and learning, in the classroom.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 11.28.41 AM

App of the Week: VoiceThread


VoiceThread is an app that combines the ability to collaborate, share digital stories (visual content), and participate in asynchronous digital conversations within one platform.  This free app is available on iOS (Apple), Android, and Chrome.  With this dynamic tool, one can upload, images, diagrams and videos and create audio, video, or written commentary. Sharing your VoiceThread can be as easy as sending an email. Imagine a space where one can create a digital story or presentation where global feedback and commentary are welcomed in various formats.  You can even call in with your commentary!  VoiceThread gives you the power to lend your voice in engaging discussions beyond flat written commentary.  This tried and true app has been used by Kindergartners as well as adult business professionals.  Take a look at how one can use voice thread in the embedded thread below:


Google Play:

Chrome Store: