App of the Week: Photobucket

If you’re anything like me then you take a million photos on your phone.  I do because it’s right there in my pocket all the time and it’s quick.  Well, once it’s on my phone what am I supposed to do with it from there?  One possible solution is Photobucket.  Photobucket is a free online service that allows you to store up to 2 GB of your photos and videos (you can of course upgrade to a Premium pay for it account if you want).  Photobucket can link straight to your phone and gives you some basic photo editing options as well as just the online storage.  I like that I can back up all of the photos from my phone by turning on auto back up!  Then I don’t even have to worry about it.

Downfalls: It does take up a lot of space on my phone and is sometimes slow to upload pictures.

There are many other options for online photo storage so check out our webinar on Friday: Register Here!

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