Why should I join the Alumni Federation?

I bet you have never asked yourself that question. There is probably a good chance you never heard of the alumni federation or you thought there is no need to join the alumni group of NOVA. Well, there is an alumni federation and there is a need to join!
altieris_chancellor_6373284769_b59fc0529f_oThe Alumni Federation is more than just a group of graduates of NOVA. It is volunteers committed to the college and wanting to remain connected to the college. Alumni Federation board members sit on committees, participate in commencement activities, attend NOVA and Foundation events, and are advocates for NOVA in the community. The Alumni Federation meets monthly to plan activities and work on advocacy projects.

But, for those alumni that cannot commit to a board position, there is a way to still be an active alumni. Sharing your experiences at NOVA with friends and neighbors is a good start. Talking about the education you receivedand showing your success is one of the best recruitment tools that NOVA has! NOVA Alumni can also mentor current students as they prepare to transition to the same four-year school, or a similar career field. Attending NOVA events,connecting on social media (we are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), and donating to the Alumni Federation are other ways to be involved. Alumni play a vital role in making NOVA great.

If you are interested in getting involved, please visit www.nvcc.edu/alumni


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Do you know Gus?

You probably already know Gus Infantas. You might have met him at a PTK meeting last year, or seen him chatting with President Ralls, or know him as NOVA’s Valley Protein’s Fellow who met the Governor. You may have seen him featured in a VCCS blog . You probably saw him being recognized at the SEAL Awards, or volunteering with Dr. Semmler. Or maybe you just know Gus, gus-govbecause everyone knows Gus.

But that was Gus last year. This year, I met a different Gus. Still the same drive and passion for his education, but this time, everyone knows Gus as that student you can always find in the Rouss & Robertson Hall, in the McIntire School of Commerce on the campus of the University of Virginia. Gus graduated from NOVA in Spring 2016 with an Associates in Science in Business Administration. He credits NOVA as helping be where he is today, in one of the most prestigious universities in the country in one of the most difficult programs to be accepted into.

Gus took three and a half years off between high school and attending NOVA. NOVA is an ideal choice for incoming students for several reasons. It is accessible to those who are worried about financing college while still being seen as a prestigious college in the area. The guaranteed admission agreements allow students who work hard during their time here transition, better prepared, to the four year school of their choice. NOVA’s faculty and staff are noted as being helpful and caring in guiding students towards their next step. During his time here, he matured as a student and a person. NOVA helped him regain his confidence in going to school. Gus said he was not focused in high school and NOVA taught him hogus_reducedw to be a student. He had the ability to restart his educational career and take advantage of all the resources that are offered to students while in school and get started on their path of transferring to a four year school. NOVA has a diverse student body, ranging in age, race and ethnicity, career and educational goals. It is important while taking classes that students take advantage of meeting their classmates. Students never know when these relationships may come back to help them along, such as when Gus met three other NOVA Alumni in his same program.

If you are interested in NOVA’s Guaranteed Admission Agreements, check out http://www.nvcc.edu/gaa/

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2015 Faculty of the Year Awards

The NVCC Alumni Federation named the winners of its annual Faculty of the Year awards.  Faculty are nominated by students and alumni for their teaching skills and command of their discipline.  Federation president Ian Patterson (pictured) was assisted by board members Margaret Reed, J.P. Liss, Jonathon Pick, and Maria del Carmen Nieto Shahsavarian Pflucker.  Opening remarks were given by interim provost Charlotte Calobrisi from the Annandale campus.  She was joined at the event by provosts Dr. Sam Hill (Woodbridge) and Dr. Julie Leidig (Loudoun) and deans Dr. Jimmie McClellan (Alexandria) and Heidi Adamson (Manassas). Thirty full-time faculty and eleven adjuncts were nominated.  The committee selected a winner from each of the six campuses as well as two adjuncts.  Congratulations to the winners and all the nominees! The winners are:  Alexandria, Elizabeth Bull (French); Annandale, Jacintha Jayatilake (Economics); Loudoun, Dr. Amy Laubinger (Veterinary Technology); Manassas, Cristina Sparks-Early (Spanish); Medical Education, Omobola Oyeleye (Nursing) and Woodbridge, Andrew Young (English) Adjuncts, Phil Doughty (Information Technology) and Jacob Pilipski (Biology).



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NVCC Alumni Board Announces 2013-2014 Faculty of the Year Awards

Program and Alumni Federation Seal

2013-2014 Faculty of the Year Awards

The NVCC Alumni Federation Board of Governors announced the winners of the 2013-2014 Faculty of the Year awards at its annual reception held on Friday, April 11, 2014, in the Richard J. Ernst Community Cultural Center Forum. Dr. Mel D. Schiavelli, Executive Vice President gave opening remarks to the over 200 faculty, staff and students attended the exciting reception. Each nominee was presented with a certificate signed by President Templin and the winners from each campus received an engraved Jefferson Cup. Only alumni and current students may nominate faculty members for this award. The Alumni Federation Faculty of the Year Committee made the selections based on the written essays from the student/alumni nominators.

Front Row – Jonathan Pick, Grace Bampton, Velma Pridemore, J. P. Liss; Second row:  Bonnie Idle, NVCC Alumni Coordinator, Lisa Borges, Margaret Reed, and Chris Chen

Front Row – Jonathan Pick, Grace Bampton, Velma Pridemore, J. P. Liss; Second row: Bonnie Idle, NVCC Alumni Coordinator, Lisa Borges, Margaret Reed, and Chris Chen

The 2013-2014 campus winners were: Dr. Walerian Majewski, Physics, Annandale; Andrew B. Bowen, Spanish, Alexandria; Johanna M. Debrecht, Calculus, Loudoun; Dr. Jean Goodine, English, Manassas; Dr. Megan Cook, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Medical Education Campus; and Charles P. Taylor, Contracting, Woodbridge.

The 2013-2014 Adjunct Faculty of the Year winners were: Abdullah Daouk, Arabic; Timothy Hudenburg, History; and Doriann Hildreth-Fischer, Physical Therapy. Congratulations to the nominees.

The NVCC Alumni Federation wishes to thank the students and alumni who took the time to send in nominations. NVCC has outstanding faculty and we are proud to honor them.

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The Alumni Federation and Verizon Wireless Partner To Help End Domestic Violence

The NVCC Alumni Federation is partnering with Verizon Wireless this year to help end domestic violence. HopeLine® from Verizon Wireless helps support victims and survivors of domestic violence while ensuring that phones are reused or recycled in an environmentally responsible way. Anyone can donate no-longer-used phones (from any provider), batteries and accessories to HopeLine; Verizon then uses the proceeds from these donations to provide cash grants to domestic violence organizations across the United States.

How You Can Help

Since HopeLine became a national recycling program in 2001, it has collected more than 9 million phones, granted more than $14.2 million in cash to organizations across the country and provided more than 123,000 phones for use by domestic violence victims. But there’s still work to be done. From December 2nd through December 20th, donate your old phones, batteries and accessories, and drop them off at a collection box located at the following NOVA locations:

  • Annandale Campus Counseling office – CA Building and the Annandale campus Library
  • Medical Education Campus Student Life office – Suite 140 and the Student Services office, Room 202
  • Woodbridge Campus – WC Building, 2nd Floor, Information Desk and WC Building, first floor, Student Activities office
  • NVCC Educational Foundation Office – Pitney Bowes Building (NW), Suite 817
  • NVCC Offices – Pender 2, Suite 150

Donations are also welcome throughout the year.

Here are two options for donating your no-longer-used cell phone:

  1. Print a postage-paid label online –  and adhere it to your shipping box. Be sure to review shipping instructions carefully and include a return address on the label before you mail it.
  2. Use the HopeLine app to locate the nearest Verizon Wireless store and drop off your phone.
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