Do you know Gus?

You probably already know Gus Infantas. You might have met him at a PTK meeting last year, or seen him chatting with President Ralls, or know him as NOVA’s Valley Protein’s Fellow who met the Governor. You may have seen him featured in a VCCS blog . You probably saw him being recognized at the SEAL Awards, or volunteering with Dr. Semmler. Or maybe you just know Gus, gus-govbecause everyone knows Gus.

But that was Gus last year. This year, I met a different Gus. Still the same drive and passion for his education, but this time, everyone knows Gus as that student you can always find in the Rouss & Robertson Hall, in the McIntire School of Commerce on the campus of the University of Virginia. Gus graduated from NOVA in Spring 2016 with an Associates in Science in Business Administration. He credits NOVA as helping be where he is today, in one of the most prestigious universities in the country in one of the most difficult programs to be accepted into.

Gus took three and a half years off between high school and attending NOVA. NOVA is an ideal choice for incoming students for several reasons. It is accessible to those who are worried about financing college while still being seen as a prestigious college in the area. The guaranteed admission agreements allow students who work hard during their time here transition, better prepared, to the four year school of their choice. NOVA’s faculty and staff are noted as being helpful and caring in guiding students towards their next step. During his time here, he matured as a student and a person. NOVA helped him regain his confidence in going to school. Gus said he was not focused in high school and NOVA taught him hogus_reducedw to be a student. He had the ability to restart his educational career and take advantage of all the resources that are offered to students while in school and get started on their path of transferring to a four year school. NOVA has a diverse student body, ranging in age, race and ethnicity, career and educational goals. It is important while taking classes that students take advantage of meeting their classmates. Students never know when these relationships may come back to help them along, such as when Gus met three other NOVA Alumni in his same program.

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