Why should I join the Alumni Federation?

I bet you have never asked yourself that question. There is probably a good chance you never heard of the alumni federation or you thought there is no need to join the alumni group of NOVA. Well, there is an alumni federation and there is a need to join!
altieris_chancellor_6373284769_b59fc0529f_oThe Alumni Federation is more than just a group of graduates of NOVA. It is volunteers committed to the college and wanting to remain connected to the college. Alumni Federation board members sit on committees, participate in commencement activities, attend NOVA and Foundation events, and are advocates for NOVA in the community. The Alumni Federation meets monthly to plan activities and work on advocacy projects.

But, for those alumni that cannot commit to a board position, there is a way to still be an active alumni. Sharing your experiences at NOVA with friends and neighbors is a good start. Talking about the education you receivedand showing your success is one of the best recruitment tools that NOVA has! NOVA Alumni can also mentor current students as they prepare to transition to the same four-year school, or a similar career field. Attending NOVA events,connecting on social media (we are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), and donating to the Alumni Federation are other ways to be involved. Alumni play a vital role in making NOVA great.

If you are interested in getting involved, please visit www.nvcc.edu/alumni


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