Policies & FAQs

Our Policies and FAQs:

What can I see a tutor about?

We are able to cover a wide-range of topics during a tutoring session related to your course content. We give feedback on academic writing assignments, help with practice problems, and review course material with you. We also offer assistance with developing strong study habbits appropriate for the course content and we help with developing effective time management skills.

Cancellation policy:

To cancel your appointment for any reason, you may do so in Navigate (log in through MYNOVA). Or, please call one of our centers, stop by or email us at tutoring@nvcc.edu in advance (24 hours is ideal) of your appointment time. If no one is available, leave a message so that your call time can be noted. If you do not show up for an appointment without calling beforehand, you will not be able to make another appointment until the following semester.

What will the tutoring centers not do?

Tutors will not proof read or edit papers or do your homework for you. We also will not assist with quizzes, tests, and exams – even if they are take-home assessments. Tutors can look over completed homework and help guide you on any changes that need to be made.

What do we expect of you?

We ask that all students arrive on time for their in-person and virtual appointments. If a student is more than 15 minutes late for an appointment, the tutor will mark your appointment as a “no show” and that will prohibit you from making additional appointments without a manager’s approval.

Students may schedule up to two (2) tutoring appointments per week, per subject. However, these appointments cannot happen on the same day. Appointments may be made up to two weeks in advance. Appointments last fifty (50) minutes. Drop in/on-demand tutoring is also available. See below for more details.

What should I bring with me?

Please come prepared with an idea of your goals for the session and any work materials (including your textbook, assignment instructions, lecture notes, calculator, etc.) that are related to the session. We have some materials at the centers, but we may not have everything. The latest editions of text books are especially hard to come by, so please bring your book(s) with you. We do not lend out textbooks and materials for use outside the center. If you want to work on a specific assignment (such as a lab report, research report, etc.) with a tutor, please bring your assignment details! This helps the tutor make sure their feedback aligns with the expectation of your instructors.

When should I select “writing assistance” from the service menu?

The “writing assistance” service is for students seeking feedback on their academic writing outside of an English or ESL course. For example, a student would select this service who wants feedback on their research report for a history class, feedback on a policy brief in an economics course or feedback on a lab report for a biology course. If you are enrolled in an English course (ex: ENG111) or ESL course (ex: ESL51) and want feedback on your academic writing, please select the actual course you are enrolled in from our menu in Navigate.

Can I email my tutor my paper before my tutoring session?

Tutors are not able to review assignments or any other materials submitted by students prior to the start of their tutoring session. Students should come to the session prepared with specific questions or material they wish to work on with their tutor in order to have a productive tutoring session.

When should I select “academic skills” from the service menu?

Academic skills can be selected from the service menu when students have general academic concerns such as: time management skills, study skills, reading and comprehension skills, test prep, etc. These may or may not be concerns a student is experiencing throughout the semester and not tied to a specific course or assignment.

What is drop-in/on-demand tutoring?

Drop-in/on-demand tutoring is helpful for when you are on campus and don’t have time/can’t schedule an appointment in advance. Just come to the center and have a seat! (We recommend you checking our site to make sure your course has a tutor available first!) It’s especially helpful for students that have a “quick” question or want immediate feedback from a tutor. Be prepared that the tutor may be helping multiple students at the same time during a drop-in/on-demand tutoring session.

What are your limits for services? How many times can I receive tutoring?

Students are permitted to make up to two (2) appointments per week per subject (in-person and/or virtual appointments). This is to ensure that all students have fair access to the tutors and that a small number of students aren’t filling all of the appointment slots.  Appointments can be made up to two (2) weeks in advance.

If you feel you need additional time, there is the option of drop-in assistance. There is no limit on the number of times students can receive drop-in assistance (pending tutor availability and queues). Given current COVID-19 precautions, students who drop-in are expected to end their tutoring session every fifty (50) minutes to allow other students an opportunity to speak with a tutor (unless there is no other students waiting to receive assistance).

Do you accept MOAs?

MOAs are issued from the Office of Accommodations and some may indicate that students can receive extra time for tutoring. The Tutoring Centers, however, no longer accept MOAs. If you need more than two hours for a class, students also have access to Tutor.com for additional assistance.

I am a faculty member – can I volunteer at the tutoring centers?

We pride ourselves on providing peer-driven spaces that foster student development, experimentation, trial and error. We believe that the centers are safe places for students to explore, make mistakes and grow without judgement or a gradebook. After all, mistakes are how we learn! This type of academic exploration is more apparent and productive when peers are partners in the learning process of other peers.

We prioritize giving NOVA students the opportunity to grow professionally by working as a tutor. They are mentored by a team of skilled learning specialists and subject-matter experts. Our tutoring center directors are happy to collaborate with faculty on course-specific or academic skill-building workshops. We also can collaborate with faculty via our  embedded tutoring program.

What precautions are the tutoring centers taking because of the Covid-19 pandemic?

We follow the most up-to-date policies put forth by the Commonwealth of Virginia and Northern Virginia Community College. We no longer require that masks be worn inside all campus buildings and therefore, inside all of our tutoring centers. They are now optional. We still do not allow food/drink inside the centers so there is no need to take off your mask when eating/drinking. We sanitize our equipment and tables on a regular basis and we have hand sanitizing stations at each center for you and your tutor to use as often as you need!

We also are limiting the number of students we see at one time for our in-person services (appointments and drop-in/on-demand tutoring) in order to accommodate social distancing. Group appointments and drop-in/on-demand tutoring sessions are limited to a maximum of four (4) students per tutor. If there is a queue, students will rotate every 50 minutes.

Please help the tutoring staff and your fellow students stay safe by not visiting campus if you are sick. We are happy to help you meet your academic goals outside of the centers via our virtual tutoring service!