Meet the Tutors

Meet the  Reading & Writing Tutors!

Hello there! I’m Courtney, a student of George Mason University’s School of Art, studying Drawing and Illustration. While my concentration is in art, I have experience with many types of academic and creative writing. I’m always thrilled to tutor students in art, history, and creative writing, though I am more than happy to work with students across all disciplines as well. In studying the craft as a writer, I wish nothing more than to provide whatever help students seek. I believe these interactions to be a collaborative effort between tutor and student that enables both of us to glean knowledge off each other. I am also one of the active workshop curators here at the RWC, so I’m always looking forward to sharing helpful tips and tricks about academic and professional writing, and even storytelling with you all. When I’m not spending long hours in front of a canvas taller than myself or editing my first manuscript, I enjoy weekly D&D sessions with friends, playing too much Animal Crossing, and burying my nose into the pages of my endless tbr piles.


Hello! My name is Nesya, I’m a peer writing tutor here at NOVA. I fluently speak three languages and have both taught and learned in all of those languages. Throughout my career as a student, I have had to write numerous papers in all three, so I understand the challenges that come with writing in both your native language and a foreign one. I hope to help you better understand the writing process and organize your thoughts to communicate in the best way possible. I look forward to meeting you!

Meet the ESL & World Language Tutors!

Hi all, my name is Karen Nguyen. I am an English tutor. I am a native English speaker and my family is from Viet Nam. I may be fluent in English, but I have struggled in the past to learn both French and Vietnamese, so I understand how hard it is to learn a foreign language!  I want to major in teaching and minor in history. I love reading and learning new things every day.  I hope to see you at the language center soon!

Hola, My name is Virginia Oman and I am a Spanish tutor at the World Language Center. I am a native Spanish speaker that enjoys foreign languages. I am also fluent in English and I can converse in French. I have lived in many foreign lands and I am very interested in other cultures. I am delighted to be working at the World Language Center sharing my knowledge about Spanish grammar, vocabulary and culture.  I look forward to helping the students excel in their understanding and use of the Spanish language. Bienvenidos!

Mounna website photoHello,
I am Mounna Tamek. I got my Bachelor’s Degree in English Studies in Morocco. I am an ESL and Arabic tutor in the Language Center. I have also been working at the Reading and Writing Center for two years. I have met students from different backgrounds and I really enjoy the experience of meeting people and tutoring. I am currently taking classes at George Mason University with a major in English and a concentration in Writing and Rhetoric. English is not my native language, but I know what it takes to learn a new language. The first time I came to the US, I was very shy. However, being a frequent visitor to the Language Center enabled me to meet phenomenal tutors who helped me overcome my fears. We are here to help you and with your persistence and determination, you will be able to achieve your goals. Don’t hesitate to stop by. I look forward to seeing you!

Hola, my name is Rosa Williams. I have worked at the World Language Center since 2014. It has been a joy to help students learn my native language. My goal is to make sure that all the students become successful and fluent in Spanish with good grammatical and pronunciation skills. I taught Spanish for six years at an elementary School in  Alaska, and twelve years in the Fairfax County Public Schools.

I am looking forward to seeing you at the center for individual or small group tutoring, show you the software programs, and educate you in Latin American Culture. I also host a Conversation Cafe every week, everyone is welcome to join us.

JulietHi, my name is Juliet and I’m an ESL tutor. I’m a native speaker and have been living in Virginia my whole life. I absolutely love learning about other cultures from around the globe and love helping others practice their English skills. I am currently in the process of learning Mandarin, so I understand how difficult it can be to learn another language. The most important thing is to never give up, to learn from your mistakes, and to keep an optimistic attitude. I look forward to meeting you and helping you with any questions you may have about the English language!


Meet the Math & Science Tutors!


Hi, my name is Antonio Alt, the person in the middle, and I am a math and science tutor. I am currently a Nova student and I’m planning to major in Physics. Yep, I’m a certified nerd. I’m more than happy to help anyone with any math or physics questions and I hope I can help you understand what your teacher is showing you in class. Swing by if you ever need any help with school!

Hope you have a good semester,


Meet the Staff!

Hello, my name is Brian and I’m the ESL Center Supervisor. Stop by CHF 408 to explore some of the resources that are available to language students. Make an appointment to see a tutor, or log in to use a computer. We have a lot of language learning software that is free for students to use. Our staff is here to help and many of them were language students themselves, so they are familiar with the challenges that come with learning a new language. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. We want to help you unlock your potential!