Assistance available:

The Open Computer Lab provides students with help in a variety of topics such as basic programming, Microsoft Office, HTML and basic web creation, Adobe CC, and more. Each team member of the computer lab is well versed in a variety of fields to provide you all the support you need to succeed. 

Zoom Support:

Due to recent circumstances, we are offering our assistance through zoom for online requests as well as offer help on campus during Computer Lab available hours.
Click on: OCL Online Help
to be contacted by a lab team member via email and Zoom to get the help you need.


We are now offering workshops through zoom for a variety of topics. 

Workshop topics include: 

-Embedding CSS into HTML

-Creating a basic HTML page

-Basic Programming structure

-How to download and install software

-MS Office, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access basics

-Logical ”if” and “else” statements and looping basics

Basic Login Assistance:

Sometimes connecting and logging in to the NOVA network may be difficult and tricky, Each of the OCL members are also able to help with these login difficulties as well as connecting to the NOVA WiFi


The Open Computer Lab also offers printing services. For a small fee you are able to print out any documents you may need.