The SLC holds a selection of geologic and topographic maps. Here’s the full list. Don’t see the one you’re after? Email us!

A topographic map study set is available in the SLC and online. Hard copies of the study set questions are available, but if you’d like to print your own or just not print anything at all, you can get them here.
Topographic map study set questions
Topographic map study set answer key
Topographic map study set maps online
United States Geological Survey guide to topographic map symbols

Explorable high-resolution scans of most of the SLC’s maps are available online. You can view all of the geologic maps here, and all of the topographic maps here. the entire collection here. Don’t see the one you’re after? Email us!

If you’re looking for a specific map, you can find individual geologic maps on the Geologic Maps page and individual topographic maps on the Topographic Maps page.


Geologic Maps page


Topographic Maps page