Henri the Cat’s Lessons in Vocab and Satire

“Henri the Cat,” created by William Braden, is a subtitled series of short films in French which follow the musings of a black and white cat trapped in existential ennui. As well as entertaining, the short films are brilliant in their use of irony, sarcasm, and word choice. Henri’s analysis of those around him, both feline and human, is also rather insightful (and hilarious).

This semester, viewing and studying the words in Henri’s awesome You Tube videos will help my freshman comp students consider the importance of tone and word choice in creating irony and analysis . . . and also hopefully open their eyes to how compelling good writing can be.

Here is the link to the first Henri video in the series.

— Kristina Kunkel

Syllabus Templates

New syllabus templates for all courses, available in college email, are to be implemented in fall semester. Most of the sections in the template are not different than what is required now. However, there are some additions which might help clarify student/professor communication that many professors (myself included) have not thought to put in the past.

For instance, the new template stipulates a place to state how fast can students expect to hear back for emails. That might be a great opening to encourage students not to wait until the night before to ask questions about homework.

— Kristina Kunkel

Save the Date: Grade Norming

“The first grade norming session is Tuesday, February 12 from 3:30-4:30 in CN 118. All composition teachers are encouraged to attend. With new placement procedures, we need to ensure that we are maintaining our standards. Grading workshops help us to do so. During the week before, you will receive several essays and the assignment sheet from which the students worked. Please read and evaluate the essays and bring your copies with you on the 12th.”


Plug for Scheduling Your Writing Center Orientation

A writing center orientation takes about 40 minutes and gives students so much useful information about getting help on campus– when they can use it, early in the semester, if you schedule your orientation soon. Plus, Emily’s presentation was lively, and I think my students actually rather enjoyed it. And, you can ask her to discuss the language center, also, if you think your students need help on the sentence level. Finally, as if all of this wasn’t reward enough, it’s 40 minutes of class time in which you can enjoy letting someone else teach while you sit back and listen.

— Kristina Kunkel

Don’t Delay: Schedule Your Writing Center Orientation Now

A message from Emily Miller:

The Reading and Writing Center has been bustling with students and orientations and we love it. Please consider scheduling an orientation for your classes. Our data has shown that over 95% of students that visit the visit the Center return to the Center, and they are often our best advocates, as 95% recommend the Center to their friends and classmates. 🙂

Check your email for the orientation request form link. You may bring your class to the center, or we will come to your classroom. I will be in touch shortly after receiving your request.

Writing Center Update From Emily Miller

A Writing Center Update From Emily Miller:

This is a busy time for us, and during the final days of the semester, our 1:1 appointments book up approximately two days in advance.

BUT! The Center is open for students to visit as a place to study, ask questions, and use educational software–software that provides activities for all stages of the writing process.

Specific information regarding the Center’s missions and services we offer can be accessed at our website:


Looking toward next semester, we are also available for class introductions and presentations regarding the services provided by the Center.