Edible Book Festival

"Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" cake created by student Yvette Castro

On April 2, 2012 the Annandale Campus Library held its Third Annual Edible Book Festival. The event is an homage to food and literature that encourages the ingestion of culture and its fulfilling nourishment. In keeping with that theme, distinguished judges Charlotte Calobrisi, Dean of Language and Literature; Janet Sass the Assistant Dean of Hospitality; and Benita Wong, professional chef presided over the event. In one and one half hours students, faculty, and staff consumed 7 large cakes, 1 little bunny cake, a large trifle, and a mud pie. The Festival is a yearly event that is held all over the world. To see pictures of entries from this year and past years, go to our Pinterest page at http://pinterest.com/novaanlibrary/edible-book-festivals-nvcc/