Banned Books Week Student Podcast #2

As you might recall from yesterday’s post, we are celebrating Banned Books Week with a podcast each day! Today’s podcast comes from Anh Truong from English as a Second Language 33:


“I am very glad because I am invited to share my feelings about Banned Books Week from September 25 to October1. I think Banned Books Week is a wonderful and happy time for authors whose books were not issued, or admitted to introducing them to readers. Actually, I may not be a good reader. In other words, I do not spend too much time reading. In contrast, I know that books have an important role, and they bring many great values for people.

I want to tell you a story about my friend. Now she uses books as a treatment method, and she is getting better day-by-day. Three years ago, she had a problem about feelings. Her mood was irregular. She easily got mad at people. Sometimes she could not control her emotions. Her doctor diagnosed that she had post traumatic stress disorder because something serious had happened to her before. My friend is being treatwd by medicines and reading. The doctor recommends that she read short-story books that tell about valuable things in life for two hours every day. She told me that now she feels better. Those stories help her calm down and think about beautiful things. She also said that they taught her great lessons. She becomes careful and friendly in communication. Her mood is happier.

In addition, the article “Read Books, Live Longer?” was written by Nicholas Bakalar, and published in the New York Times in the Life Section on Wednesday, August 3, 2016. It gave a report to answer the question in the article’s name. Research results indicated that people who spend more time in reading lived somewhat longer than others who did not read as much. In short, reading is a wonderful gift from God. The reading book brings to us interesting experiences. It also teaches us how to live, talk and think. Books are the brainchildren created by authors. Each book has its own value and a deep significance. Authors and their products deserve to be respected and readers have a right to choose books that they like to read freely.”

Stay tuned tomorrow for our next podcast!

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