Student Organization Book Display: DREAMers Empowered!

This semester, the Annandale Campus Library will be working with student organizations to create book displays, showcasing topics relevant to our own campus community. Below is our first featured group, DREAMers Empowered!

DREAMers Empowered

4 DREAMers Empowered members stand with their display.
DREAMers Empowered members stand with their display.

What we do:
“We aim to provide an inclusive environment for undocumented students through education, advocacy, and community awareness.”

Why we want you to read these books:
“We at DREAMers Empowered want to illustrate the importance of understanding both the cultural and political background that surround undocumented immigrants. The topics range from comprehensive immigration reform to the understanding of psychological effects that result from being undocumented. We want NOVA students and faculty to better understand the current realities that undocumented immigrants face.”

A few of the books we chose:

We are Americans: undocumented students pursuing the American Dream by William Perez

Undocumented: how immigration became illegal by Aviva Chomsky

Enrique’s Journey by Sonia Nazario

The DREAMers by Walter J. Nicholls

Our contact information:

Come to the Annandale Library to see their full display and learn more!


If your student organization would like to create a book display, please contact




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