National Library Week Student Podcast: Nhi Pham

Graphic: National Library Week #Libraries Transform

Hello everyone! Thanks for tuning into our third podcast for National Library Week! As you might recall from Monday’s post, we are celebrating with a podcast a day from English as a Second Language students! Today’s podcast comes from Nhi Pham, ESL 51:

“Libraries! I don’t know why, but for some reason, every time I’ve been been at one, I feel extremely nostalgic. Maybe it’s because they have classic ancient styles and historical books from long ago ages. If you want to have a silent place to read, to study, or even to take a deep break (because why not?), you nailed it. It is definitely the library!

A library in people’s view may have a astronomical number of books, books, and books. And they’re right! But those books are invaluable. They record the milestones of millions of people who have been taken by war and other factors. It’s just like when people realize that their lives have nearly run out of time. But they want to keep something lasting about themselves. They write books that one day could be at the public library. And of course, everyone will know and they could learn or put it down to experience.

Currently, libraries have changed a lot. Some of them are way more confident and modern, with advanced technology that others. But libraries and education still inevitably depend on each other.. It’s hard to find a school that doesn’t have at least one library, isn’t it? That’s the power of libraries, the ones that have existed for millennia but show no signs of  downfall. However, for me, the libraries with the old-school styles are way more nostalgic and memorable.”

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