National Library Week: Faculty Podcast!

Graphic: National Library Week #Libraries Transform

Hello everyone! Thanks for sticking with us for National Libray Week! As you might recall from Monday’s post, we are celebrating with a podcast a day from Shirley Nuhn’s English as a Second Language class. Our last podcast comes from Professor Nuhn herself. Happy listening!

“Hi everybody. One day in spring I occupied a library table at the Chicago Historical Society. I was looking for background on buildings and streets I knew from long ago. I love my hometown of Chicago, rich in beauty and history. Among the news clippings I found was a story about my cousin. Happy day! He was a leader, multilingual, and helped people in so many ways. Years passed. Now, we have the Chicago History Museum and its library collections make up a research center. No matter the name or place, the concept of a library is timeless. Grade schools to high schools to college campuses to private firms, the influence of libraries is vibrant. Libraries lead to many of my eureka moments. Every April, we celebrate National Library Week, and NOVA students have lots to say about libraries, reading, and much more! Libraries transform our lives. Happy reading to all! I’m Shirley Nuhn, professor of ESL at NOVA Annandale.”


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