Unveiling of the Yarn Stormed Library Chair!

Throughout the Fall 2019 semester, students, faculty, and staff knitted and crocheted 6×6 inch squares. Some were experienced needle workers, while others had never attempted it in their lives.

United by yarn, there was one goal in mind: To yarn storm the library and cover a chair with our own, unique patchwork. On Thursday, December 12, we unveiled the finished chair!

For some, knitting this semester served as a much-needed reprieve from studies. Others used it as an opportunity to learn a new skill. 

There’s a life lesson that can be learned from these little knit patches. One square can’t cover a chair on its own, and yet, when people come together, contributing their time and effort, even if they just make one square, something beautiful can be created. 

Next time you stop by the library, take a seat and admire the handiwork!


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