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National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month!  This is a great time to celebrate the contributions poets and poetry have made to our culture from around the world.  Instead of a formal poetry contest this year, the Learning and Technology Resources department has provided a space for you to share your work in a display. Come to the library and check out the poetry display where you too can contribute to the plethora of world literature by writing your own poem with word magnets.  Express yourself and maybe your poem will get posted here! All poets will remain anonymous!

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What would you do?

As part of our book display series about finance, the library asked visitors this very important question:

“If you won the lottery, what would you do?”

Below are several of the interesting responses we received:

I would move to help children and poor people around the world.

I would just keep enough money to live a simple life and give the rest to children or create and organization that will help them.

Travel–get a sports car [and] drive around the country.

Pay off debts, give a few friends cars or money, setup college fund for my son, put some in stocks, EFTs, mutual funds. Take a month off, go on vacation. Buy a few t hings for myself and family. Buy my husband a new car. Have some [money] in the bank, pay for my schooling and books and set up a nest egg for later.

Here’s the kicker:

I’d pay off my debt, buy a rocketship, and become the first person to send a oat into outer space.

What would YOU do if you won the lottery?